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    Sometimes satisfaction of doing a new thing successfully is everything for us

    When we undertake a job or do a work then we use our existing expertise and knowledge to complete it. Sometimes the job is much difficult and is appearing somewhere at the boundaries of our abilities and capabilities and then we have to go for some additional skills or do more and sustained efforts in completing that job. In many such situations the satisfaction that we derive after completing that job is enormous and makes us very happy. The interesting thing in this regard is that even if we don't get any remuneration or return from that job we have satisfaction of learning a new thing and doing something which for the first time we were able to accomplish. This feeling is definitely a great feeling and I think that it is much more important than the earning part of the job. Have you ever experienced such a thing? what do you opine about it?
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    While we always derive best satisfaction of doing things properly and when we attempt doing new things to which we are not aware of the outcome and result, if the end results being very positive and appreciative, we feel like conquered everything in the life. Such things happen rarely and not happen to everyone. Opportunities comes to a person for the three times in life which may be ground breaking success for the career of life. The first one may be very success of small nature, the second one may be the success of average nature and the last one would be of befitting to our experience and understanding of the previous ones and therefore that would be superlative. We are now talking about the last achievement to which there would be wholesome appreciation, pat and even recognition with medals and awards with cash prizes.
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    We can't link everything we do to earnings. Certain things we may undertake for our happiness or some works to help others also. When we are successful in reaching the goal as planned within the stipulated time, we will be extremely happy and we will try to share our joy with our family members and friends.
    When I was in my PhD, we were submitting scientific communication to various journals and the happiness we get when those communications are approved and printed is very high. There is a Journal of Royal Society of Chemists by the name The Analyst. Those days that journal was the number one journal in Analytical Chemistry and having an article in that journal was very prestigious. Many people tried but couldn't get acceptance. But I and my research director made an article with my research work and send it for publication in that journal. We have taken many precautions and made the best possible paper. The Editorial Board of that journal accepted the paper and published it. Our joy knew no bounds and that paper has given a very good weightage to my thesis.

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    I remember that though I was not a computer science student but when I wrote my first computer code in 'Basic' language and it worked nicely in a desktop computer giving the desired result, I was so thrilled and excited by that success.
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    In an interesting thread, the author has rightly said that even when we start some new work which we like or what we are trying to do, then we feel a satisfaction in ourselves and this experience can be easily found in human behavior also. could. Resources are also important to start any work but at the same time an enthusiasm is also necessary and this enthusiasm also increases our satisfaction. It is not that we should not think about the result or returns of our hard work but sometimes it is beyond this.

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    Success would depend how passionately we are involved in a particular work with the clear perception of the job to be undertaken. Apart from that, we must have sufficient confidence of the basics of the assignment. Initially, during carrying out a job at the first time, we could have been nervous but with the persistent practice we achieve success ultimately. This is the first milestone and the same journey of success continues due to our confidence.
    If there is the determination from our side of achieving success, our major hurdle has been solved and we are sure to win success in every attempt if calmness and clarity are maintained.

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