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    Be a hardcore competitor of yourself

    When you want to register strong performance, superlative progress and outsmarting others to be on the top, there must be strong urge within yourself and that must start with competition with self. That means think your yesterday performance was the bench mark, and try to exceed or at least maintain the performance level at that place. By doing so you are not only putting yourself to the great check of self probing and also making formidable progress among others. And for the regular performers this could be easy and does not need any specialization studies. Be a hardcore competitor of yourself
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    I have a different opinion on this matter. If we want to excel in our life, we have to benchmark the best performance of the winner and we should compete with him to emerge successful in our lives. We should not be satisfied with the best what we can do but we should try to compete with the best in society.
    But for achieving that we have to make committed efforts with focus. Even these days if we think of phased progress also, our competitors will go ahead of us. Time is the essence. How quick you are achieving your goal is very important. You should be the front runner. Once you are in the front seat, then you can start competing with yourself and try to improve further and further. But till you reach the top slot you should compete with the person who is ahead of you and see that you will overtake him.

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    An inspirational thread has been brought by the author which is very interesting. When we want to make progress in life then definitely we have to improve our level better and better and this is possible only when we judge ourselves, compete with ourselves and improve ourselves. As long as a person considers himself to be the best or is not trying to accept the shortcomings in himself, then he is preventing himself from growing. But when we put ourselves in competition mode then every day we learn something new and become better.

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    I think one should try to excel oneself in any field. Being stagnant will be a hindrance for your progress. Therefore,try to improve all the time.

    Competing with others is also required because there are many talented and able people who try to overtake take you. You will have wonderful opportunity to learn from them.
    Furthermore, whether trying to beat yourself or others self motivation should play a pivotal role in any kind of competition.
    Radha Muralidhar

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