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    What could be reason of creating a fantastic movie ? Money or motivation

    In India we have some superlative acknowledged directors who can create great impact on the audience by churning out such great movies which have become the motivational point for many audience and in the process the movie has made huge money also. Sometimes a contagious issue or the most daring matter would be taken and dealt with cinematic overtures and that would become the sensation with good acting performance, superlative scenes to arrest the audience mind and overall the character would be transformed to such a level that the audience would keep on repeating the actions even after so many days in their life. What could be reason of creating a fantastic movie ? Money or motivation
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    Basically making a movie is a business and people invest money and make movies and release them so that they will get back the money they spent and some profits also. When you are in a business you should see that you will be making good returns on the money you invested. In the same way, the producers of the movie will try their best to attract people so that viewership will be high and more returns will be there for the movie. The success of the movie will depend more on the artists and the director. So the producer will rope in the best talent in making his movie and see that a good movie will come out. The ultimate aim of movie-making is nothing but making money only and there may be some movies that are very good and inspire and motivate people.
    Very rarely movies will be made for the sake of society and people. Ironically, such movies will never make any impact on the viewers and they will be failures at the box office.

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    When a producer produces a film with the help of the director and participating actors then his first aim is to realise the expenses that he had made on the film as well as make a good profit over and above that. So that is always the main concern. In addition to that some filmmakers are having a good idea of amalgamating many things in a film so that it will attract a large number of viewers. But it requires so many good elements like a strong story, excellent direction, good cinematography, and a very healthy entertainment for everyone. Very few films conform to such high expectations but the filmmakers go on trying newer and newer ideas for making their next film hit on the box office.
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    Film-making is a business just like various other professions and the ultimate goal of every business is to make a good and big profit. As far as motivation is concerned, when a movie is made which can captivate the audience, the likes and dislikes of the public are very important for that. When a movie repeats the history of the country or a particular event, then such a movie affects the audience more, perhaps because of this they also make more profit, and movie makers are more encouraged to make more such movies in the future. Along with this, many times a trend comes of movies which also changes on the basis of the preference and situation of the society, like at one time movies with the philosophy of love, hate, etc. were more preferred, same today on action, science-related or true events. Movies based can be found to be more popular.

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