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    The more you can bend your back, the more you can touch the ground

    We are always awestruck when we see someone doing gymnastics with good clearance and landing perfectly after the exercise. Likewise, some do the somersaults with ease and that needs lots of practice. But the more you can bend to your back and touch the ground is something connected to maintaining our well-toned body without fats and that proves that we are perfectly alright health-wise and that would even amaze the others. Those who are health conscious and want to look lean and sleek, do not eat all kinds of foods and keep on a diet with juices that gives the thin body looks.
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    It is very true that our eating habits will have a say in our fitness. Eating junk foods and fatty foods is not good for our health. At the same time, we all should have sufficient physical work also so that we can digest the food we are eating.
    Olden days people used to have a lot of physical labour which was keeping them hale and healthy. They were eating and working and thus maintain good health and physique. These days the lifestyle has been changed and slowly mechanisation has come and physical work in our lives has come down. So the need for exercise increased.
    These days many people are not able to sit on the ground and take their food also, They have to sit on a chair and eat only. Such people will have many problems in their old age. So everybody should have good eating habits and perform some physical activity so that they will not have any health complications.

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    For keeping a body lean, thin, and healthy, good food habits as well as undertaking regular exercise is very necessary. This also requires a lot of discipline in life and a lot of control on oneself.
    Gymnasium activities can be undertaken by these health concious people easily and with practice they can bend or shape their postures in most amazing ways. But it doesn't come in one day as it requires a long long practice.
    If a person attempts such postures for the first time then there is a risk of getting sprain or injury inside the body because if the body muscles and ligaments are not habitual of those exercises then it will be very risky to do it or attempt it.

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    It is very important to take care of the body because this is the most important fact of living life. As much as the protection of the inner body is necessary, the outer body is equally important, when we keep our body flexible then it is easy for us. Exercise and posture play a role in this and so do diet and lifestyle. Some people prefer to give their body more and more rest and do not want themselves to bother for any thought or hard work but actually, they harm their own body. A flexible body is always helpful for us for a good healthy life.

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    It should be our prime duty to keep our body fit and we are a little bit cautious, it is not that much difficult to keep ourselves fit. There should be perfect discipline with respect to food ingestion. We need to avoid excess consumption of ghee, oil and butter and must include salads in our meals. Taking hot water at least three glasses in the morning followed by lemon juice is one of ways of keeping body fit and trim. Then physical exercise such as brisk walking, jogging or running at least either in the morning or evening would definitely help in shedding weight. Care is needed to take sound sleep in the night for at least eight hours since deprivation of sleep cause surge in weight.

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    How does the ability to bend over and touch the ground prove that "we are perfectly alright health-wise"? Flexibility of the body is no indication of good health!
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