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    Is it right to refuse ration on the grounds of not taking a vaccine dose?

    It was shocking to read a news report that the local administration of Aligarh in U.P. have made it mandatory to take at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, without which subsidized ration under the public distribution system will not be given. Any family in which even a single member has not taken at least the first dose will not get the PDS ration. Although vaccine centers have been set up at some of the PDS shops, still, it is not necessary that people visiting the shops to avail of ration will take the dose. Should they then not be allowed to take the ration for which they had come?

    Isn't food something that is a basic right for all?
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    It is not correct I feel. Ration and vaccine should not be linked. They are separate subjects. Food is the primary requirement and that should be given to all poor who are not having the strength of purchasing them.
    These days the governments are making rules as they like.
    In AP, the State government made a rule that people who are not collecting their ration will not be given their old-age pension. The same government has made another rule that if there is only one member in the family no ration card will be given to them. There are many old aged single persons in the villages and they manage by the pension what they are getting. Now they will not get ration as well as old age pension also as per the new rules
    The rulers should understand the problems of the people and they should support real needy people and see that they will not die of starvation. Hope good sense prevails and they will take back their meaningless rules and orders.

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    I feel it is the last resort left with the government and authorities as the adamant persons does not realize that because of their laxity and not getting done the free doses of vaccine being provided, they are putting their life into risk and also has every chance of inviting the virus into them and spreading to others. One should understand that vaccination is the national project and in fact the International reach out to vaccinate everyone including the children in future, and therefore anybody refusing to take the injection stating one reason or the other cannot be pardoned and banning the ration is right step to make them bend towards availing the service immediately. Some one must have misguided them and the authorities need to give clarifications to such adamant persons and make them having the vaccines and restore the vaccines.
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    It is very clear that people should get vaccinated as early as possible to avoid the threat of the pandemic rising again in our country. Government is encouraging and motivating people to get it and giving facilities at various places also. Those who can afford to pay for it are going to the good hospitals and good centres and are getting it as per their convenience.
    Sometimes when the vaccination compliance is not as per the expectation of the Government then Government sometime takes some extreme measures in a haste to complete its target and I think same thing is happening now when they are refusing to give the ration if one is not vaccinated. If we remember same thing happened during compulsory family planning in our country when people were forced for it whether they were willing for it or not. These things are not in a good taste but government often does it under desperation and thinking of achieving their targets only.

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    We know that vaccination is a very important need at this time, which every person should understand by now, but still, some people are running away from it due to misconceptions or illusions. In such a situation, various measures should be thought of to make them understand, but this method should stop giving them ration, I am not in favor of this method. Admittedly, sometimes some cases have to be resolved by means like punishment or penalty and strictness has to be adopted, but in this case, it is wrong that the person who does not take the vaccine dose is not entitled to ration.

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