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    Adjustment mentality is required to have a smooth family life.

    When there are two people, they will have their own likes and dislikes. In a family, the likes and dislikes of the wife may not match that of the husband. When such a situation arises one of the two should adjust and carry on. Then only the family will run smoothly.

    If one at least from the two has this adjustable mentality also, the family life will be smooth. But sometimes the person who is always trying to adjust may also get irritated and he/she may also insist on his/her point. Then the entire scene will change. The real problem will start with such issues only.

    Always expecting one to compromise is also not correct. So two of them should adjust and see that their life will go happily. I like to know the opinions of other members on this issue.
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    The essence of great bonding and living together is the give and take policy or the adjustment mentality between the two and that would portray the great example of good family too. Surely there may be difference of opinion and disregard to the matter also. But the convincing power of the opposite person would make it agreeable and thus adjustments takes place. One more thing by agreeing and coming down to accept, does not mean that other person compromised his or her rights to establish. But there is always a understanding capacity thanks to the wisdom drawn through good education and thus even tricky and challenging situations can be taken at ease and the living goes without any problem. Those who have spent huge time together are the great examples of this kind of living and hats off to them.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Family is the necessity of life, without family, a person feels incomplete at times and adjustment is an important element to maintain the balance of this family. Adjustment is a very important aspect of our life, which a person has to adopt in many forms, but its importance increases more to maintain the unity of the family. But the family is not dependent on anyone, that is, the quality of this adjustment should be in all the other members, because many times a single person keeps on making adjustments for the happiness of all and the day he has to give up, the family starts falling apart. Is. Therefore, adjustment as an important quality should be learned by children from childhood, in the beginning, its level is small but till they grow up, the level of adjustment also increases with responsibilities.

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    Many marriages end in divorce because of ego clash between husbands and wives. The main purpose of wedlock is to make it work peacefully. It is not necessary that only one person is always superior and the other is not.

    Both the husband and wife should compromise.
    Radha Muralidhar

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    I have heard that adjustment and compromise are what it takes for happy marriage life. It is true that as two individual becomes one and make their own family, there will be differences as they come different area. Their likes, dislikes, background, etc are so different that it is purely adjustment from one and compromise from the other that keeps it moving.

    It is equally important for them to understand that when one adjusts or compromises, it is just to keep the wheel of the family moving without stoppage and understand the other person. If one keeps on adjusting or compromising for the sake of family and the other person keeps on taking advantage or ignoring his/her sacrifice, that's when the division starts and there will come a time when it loses its elasticity and breaks.

    It is easy for outsiders to comment or give lectures on happy families, ideal couple, forgive, compromise, etc but they actually have no idea of the persons that they did everything to make it work but now it's high time and he too wants a break. The family breaks and becomes that talk of society. It is in the hand of that two individual to understand that when one adjusts or compromise, it's the other person that needs to do a bit more for his partner. In this way, both can make the wheel move even in difficult times or else, it will part away and that's the best thing than just living a failed or bad life.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    I have to concur fully with the title itself.

    The best way to shed individual ego is to believe and understand that there is a common life and purpose for them now. That common purpose is a fusion of both their parts and is also an exclusion of part of their till now lives too.
    If they can realise that henceforth they have to be mutually supplementary and complimentary, then there will not be any problem.
    Initially it will be very difficult. At that time one of them have to be consciously lie low for the common sake. Then it gradually infects the other also and it becomes a habit to give way for the other or understand and accept the other's view too. Once this is accomplished any difference will be son tackled and solved. Each can enjoy that 'giving in' to the other for the common happiness and achievement.

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    When two persons start to live together and raise a family then there are some basic ingredients which are required to make it a successful affair and some of these are mutual respect, faith, sacrifice for each other, and also give necessary care to the partner. The relationship between a couple is based on these premises and presence of personal ego would only spoil the relationship. Another thing is the expectations. As a human being we all expect from each other but our expectations should be based on the logical and rational thinking and should not be just like that based on whims and fancies. There are many couples who are having a very happy and pleasant life with each other for decades and they understand what it is to co-exist under the same roof. Differences might arise but they are to be resolved with mutual talks and attitude for solving them. Remember, there is no place for ego, revenge, terror, domination, hate, and enmity in a family relationship. It is a divine relationship and we have to maintain it as divine only. There is no other way to sustain it.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The author is perfectly correct. The word adjustment is the vital one for peace in mind in any place especially in houses. For this my grand father used to tell that the adjustment will come in our mind only if we keep our mind adjustable to us. We should be in a position to thing 'everything is for good'. He used tell this with an example," we should keep our mind always with love and neutral with any people as we can tolerate if a person splashes gutter water on us otherwise we can show our anger to the person who sprayed sandal or rose water on us while inviting"

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