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    Swimming is a good form of exercise. However,the water causes allergies for some.

    Many people regularly swim to keep themselves fit. Earlier, people used to swim in rivers,ponds,wells and tanks. Nowadays, people become members in clubs with swimming facilities and do swimming there. Even,children learn swimming with proper guidance.

    Olympics and international sports events also organise swimming competition. We used to very close to river Ganga in West Bengal. My elder brother used to swim from one end of the river to the other end and come back. Still people take bath in the holy Ganga.

    Do you still like to swim? If so where and how often do you swim? Do you encourage your children to learn swimming?

    Radha Muralidhar
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    Yes it is the fact that swimming is the great form of exercise and probably the best as there are many benefits attached to it. That we are connecting to the nature through one form and that itself gives the connectivity of good health. By being in swimming mode, we are cleansing the body naturally. By doing the hands and legs moving , the entire body system is put into the exercise mode and that is the reason being so, those who come back after swimming they tend to eat more as the exertion during the process would make us get rid of unwanted fats. But it is the fact that swimming should not be done in a stale water, and its good to have swimming in the moving river but care must be taken that the water current should not be more as there is every chance of water may drag away the person who cannot resist the nature attempt.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Surely swimming is a good exercise and it is also an essential part which should probably be known to all. It is also true that swimming is a big challenge in India which is not available to everyone. Fear of water is also a reason for this, but sometimes this fear can be more harmful. I do not know swimming and I am also sorry that I could not learn it but I think swimming should be taught as an essential part to the coming generation like other necessary tasks are taught because swimming is from every aspect. Important and useful.

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    No doubt in saying that Swimming is a very good exercise. Many people go swimming these days. Parents are encouraging their wards to learn swimming and sending them to coaching institutes.
    During my childhood in our villages, we used to have a water pond. All the villagers used to take their cows and buffaloes to that pond to wash them. The young boys who were going with those animals used to get into the pond and learn swimming on their own and they used to spend 1 or 2 hours in that pond for swimming. But they never complained about any problem with the quality of the water and any allergy they experienced. Thos days are different.
    But these days separate swimming pools are created and people pay heavy money as fees to learn swimming there. They will become members in that swimming pool by paying membership and continuing swimming. Here the water will be fresh.
    I have no habit of swimming. My wife learned swimming and my two sons also know swimming.

    always confident

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