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    If writing is a weapon to register truth, it also invites wrath

    Writers across the world are regarded and respected for their forthright observation and daring mention of things against the person or system and thereby inviting the rejection from some quarters. There are instances when the writers were attacked and even warned with dire consequences. As far as the contents were balanced nothing happens and the supporters of the person would watching for those writers who cause demerits by exposing through write ups and thus it is risky. If writing is a weapon to register truth, it also invites wrath.
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    Indeed, writing is a weapon that registers the truth but also provokes others sometimes. A writer has a purpose before starting any writing, which sometimes becomes a medium for reaching out to others, and sometimes a message has to be given to society. When a writer is mean and presents useless articles etc. against a particular person, then it goes against the dignity of writing. This does not mean that we should ignore the negative aspects happening in society, but the way of presenting every article in front of the people also matters. Many times the authors have to face some kind of threat due to this, which is completely wrong. The writer presenting a mirror in front of the society should understand the seriousness of the message of writing and it should be purposeful.

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    Writing is a mirror for many and a destructive weapon for few. Many good writers do research, take time to bring front the truth to society. Few uses their tool to demotivate and tarnish the image of people who are strong contenders and stands for people or society. Whenever we read an article about a topic on society, person or place, do take time to investigate further from some known source and then comment. It is good to have faith in the writer but sometimes, they too can make a mistake. So, always think twice before putting forth your inputs just by reading a single article. We know that it takes time to get respect but can be destroyed in a minute. Good note from the writer.
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    A pen is mightier than a sword. This is a very famous saying. There are instances in history where the poets went representing the king to enemy kings and won over them with their art and technic. So definitely writing is has its own merits.
    Word will do miracles. When you want to convey something to the other person, you use words. The other person should understand not only the subject you are telling but also your mind. That will make him realise the realities. So if a writer really brings in the correct information without any additions and deletions, that will do miracles.
    At the same time if the pen is used to propagate wrong information and biased information it will create havoc and people will suffer a lot.
    So a writer should feel responsible and try to educate the public with proper and correct information so that society will have good progress.

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    Across the world many print media writers were attacked for reporting wrong news.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Writers write certain things as per their own perception and if they are projecting the pitfalls in the existing society or system then sometimes they definitely get wrath of the influential people in higher positions. It actually depends on the combination of these two. If the people in high positions are dishonest and corrupt then definitely they will not like writers to write about their misdeeds. They will even go for some wrong ways to keep the writer silent. That is an unfortunate situation but many times in a society or in a country we are witnessing such things happening.
    On the other hand if the regime is honest and working in the interest of the common people then writer's writings will be actually appreciating those things though might also contain a little bit of criticism here and there which would be in a positive territory only.
    So, writers honestly depict what they see and what they conceive by seeing the activities around them. They do not add anything from their side and if they conjecture and write then that becomes a piece of ordinary fiction which no one takes seriously.

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