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    It is essential to see the situation of the other side

    Many of us do not care the situation of people on the other side. When calling over phone especially over mobiles, without considering other side they going on talking their issues or topic. This side person if sitting in either in house or in bus freely, they can hear but if driving or held up in some problem, their situation found annoyable.
    Similarly many of don't switch off or mute the television or radio when they are receiving any phone call or guests coming or even other housemates are asking/telling something.
    If the matter is serious, we can start with the word urgent
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    What the author raised is the important issue as we tend to call at odd hour and at odd days to which other person may not be free and that would be annoying. Only today I received a call from my brother in law and I was on my office duty. He wont listen and keep on telling his matter. I respect him not to cut the call, but when he does not understand my position then I had to cut the call. Got annoyed he again called, this time my sister spoke. I explained to her clearly that during the evening I shall call back. Since some people are free at the home, they think others are also free without work. The phone calls should be either in the morning or in the evening not in between and muting the tv is must before accepting any call. And some people have the annoying habit of telling the matter lengthy to which we does not have time to listen.
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    True. Some people will not think about the situation of the other person and go on disturbing them for their own requirements.
    I have seen some people give a ring and if we will not respond that will not stop giving again and again rings and force us to respond. Instead of that if they think about the other person and wait for the other person to respond back after seeing the missed call, there will be no inconvenience to the other person also.
    When I was working in a company in Hyderabad, the MD of that company used to disturb me over the phone during odd hours also. Sometimes I used to receive a phone call even at the midnight. Two or three times. I stopped responding to his calls when it was very late and called him the next day morning. Even then he never stopped disturbing people during odd hours.

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    Yes, there are some people not realising your situation and go on calling you repeatedly despite your non responses. The other part is under impression that you, too, have enough time to entertain his call any time he wants. He does not understand the real situation which you are facing because of your preoccupation with your job. A frank discussion may eliminate such an embarrassing situation. If that does not work out, you ignore his calls. You may keep your mobile on switch off mode if not interested to have a talk with the party.

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    I don't know what should be the right time to call someone. If I am calling someone his/her reply or tone of answering will evince if he/she is disturbed, in this situation I will call him/her later when he/she is free. If someone calls me and I am busy then I will ask him/her to call me later or I may call him/her later.

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    The title is applicable to all interactions we have in our life. However in this thread the author has taken the situation of telephone talk.
    Earlier the Telephone Directory had a portion explaining about the minimum basic telephone manners and etiquette. They are still valid. Many confusions and irritations could be avoided if we fallow them sincerely.
    But in any situation if we have the attitude to make the other person comfortable and convenient that cam=n avoid a lot of misunderstandings and misgivings in our day to day life. But it is easy said than done. One should consciously cultivate such habit initially and then by experience, and time it becomes smooth flowing.

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    The author is absolutely right, there are many people who never want to think about the situations of others but just want to discuss whatever they want. When making a call one should understand the situation of another side also and if the situation is favorable for any discussion then one should start about it. The other situation when we receive a call it is also mannered to keep the noise down and find a peaceful place to talk to someone if we are at a place where we can not talk properly we should tell the person other side and talk to him later.

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    The basic purpose of phone is for communicating and exchanging important information. It is in my opinion is not meant for chatting. We can use so many applications for chatting where we do not disturb the persons sitting around us. So, the first thing in this matter is that we should talk to the point and should not engage a person for a long time. The reason is obvious that if we engage a person unnecessarily for a long time then next time he might not pick up our call citing some excuse. Other thing is that if a person is not picking a call we should not repeat it as he would be coming back to us when he is free. So as Venkiteswaran already has mentioned that there are some manners required for telephone communication and it is always better to adhere to them.
    Another thing is when we make a call or receive a call we must see our environment as where we are siting and who are the people around us and what they are doing. Our call should not be a nuisance to them. If it appears so then one should immediately move away from there and go to a place where no one is getting disturbed by his talking on phone.

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