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    Both US and India battered with inflation

    The international debate is going on that the US inflation is going up and would have impact on Indian economy also which is already experiencing high inflation. The reason with both countries that the demand has been increased tremendously and the supply could not match to the expectation. The short fall of supply chains during the pandemic has made all the miscalculations and both countries yet to make them straight. The prices of food and fuel is the core inflation to which other products are related , therefore the big economy US and growing economy India are battered with high prices.
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    India is importing many items from various nations including the USA. When the prices of these items increase in those countries, we have to import them at a higher price and that will have an impact on the inflation rates in India also.
    The USA is a developed country and many people from India went and settled there and earned there. When the inflation is more in that country all the citizens there has to spend more money for their living and hence they can't have more money to invest or save in India. This will also have an impact on the financial position of the country.
    COVID 19 is having its impact on almost all the nations in the world on their financial status and the purchasing capacity of people is coming down due to unemployment and a decrease in their income levels. Slowly the world is coming out of this situation and hope we will have control over this inflation rate.

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