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    Searching for reality is the essence of science

    While science is the subject of innovation, inventions, found and failed, recouping with different ideas, blending the old ideas to new and thus science seems to be not ending but searching for something new and something hidden. Those who have found new products never sit on the same try to find the diversified use of the product through different mixing of things and thus new inventions and new findings are making headlines. That is the reason so we all agree that the science is not the stale subject but happening daily to which much has been spent on research and development.
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    Science is to develop a logic to the facts that are observed are experienced. When Einstien observed an apple falling from the tree and based on that fact he developed the theory of gravity. In many issues, this is how theories emerge and new scientific knowledge will come in the form of laws and facts.
    Once a new happening is witnessed a scientist will try to correlate the same with a theory he knows or try to make a new theory explaining the happening and he explains the path of that happening. In modern days everything is being connected to science. Once our elders say something, we will ask them what is the basis. If they are not explaining the same. we will never buy that theory and say that is a belief only. But in the olden days, this attitude was not there and the young people used to go by what their elders said.

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    Without research, there will be no development and research can be promoted with development, this proves one thing that both are two parts of the same wheel and it is the work of science to operate them. Science has always been a subject based on discovery and invention, where those things which are already in existence and also those which come in the form of discovery and then make life easier by making them an important part of human life. helps. If proper use of growing technology and science is taken, then it is really a boon.

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