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    Fathers of various science - for knowledge

    We know Father of our Nation as M.K. Gandhi and the following are Fathers of respective science:

    Father of Economics - Adam smith
    Father of Sociology -Augustus Gamete
    Father of genetics - Giriger goken mendal
    Father of modern science of Genetics - D H Morgan
    Father of History - Heratotes
    Father of Physics - Newton
    Father of Modern science of Physics - ainsteen
    Father of Chemistry -Robert Foil
    Father of Botany - Thioprachtas
    Father of Zoology - Aristotle
    Father of Computer science - Charles Babbage
    Father of Medicineal science - Hippocrates
    Father of Law - Jerome pentham
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    A good collection from the author and thanks to him for the information. A few more additions to the list given by the author.
    Antoine Lavoisier is the father of modern chemistry.
    Poseidon is considered the father of commerce.
    C P Brown is considered the father of modern Telugu.

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    Good information was shared by the author. However, some corrections are required.

    Father of Genetics- Gregor Johann Mendel (not Giriger goken mendal as written in the thread).
    Father of Modern science of Physics -Galileo Galilei (in place of Albert Einstein)
    Father of Botany - Theophrastus (in place of Thioprachtas)
    Father of Law - Jeremy Bentham (in place of Jerome pentham)

    I request you please check once again.

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    The author has added additional knowledge to members with this post which has the mention of fathers of various invention and surely for the students it would be great help.
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    This is an interesting compilation. The people who had contributed to a particular area of knowledge and learning are considered as father in that discipline and it is good practice to respect them like that so that people remember their names forever.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Thanks to my ISC co members for updated information and correction. This is proved that our ISC is a study channel. We all are students as well teachers in this world.

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    Although this is very useful information the spelling of many names are wrong so it might provide misinformation few that I can point out is
    father of sociology - Auguste Comte
    father of history - Herodotus
    Modern physics ( I am doubtful whether it is verified or not).
    Being a student of history we are continuously nudged for making our sources correct and authentic and keeping facts straight and avoiding such mistakes. Even if it is for forum discussion isn't it right to write authentic information with correct spelling?

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    I searched on Google and found following information in Wikipedia.

    Abu al-Qasim al-Zahrawi, "father of modern surgery" and the "father of operative surgery".

    Ibn Al-Nafis, "father of circulatory physiology and anatomy.

    Abbas Ibn Firnas, father of medieval aviation.

    Alhazen, "father of modern optics".

    Jabir ibn Hayyan, father of chemistry

    Ibn Khaldun father of sociology, historiography and modern economics. He is best known for his Muqaddimah.

    Ibn Sina, widely regarded as the father of early modern medicine as well as the father of Clinical Pharmacology. His most famous work is the Canon of Medicine.

    'Ali ibn al-'Abbas al-Majusi, also known as Haly Abbas: founder of anatomic physiology". In addition, the section on dermatology in his Kamil as-sina'ah at-tibbiyah (Royal book-Liber Regius) has one scholar to regard him as the "father of Arabic dermatology".

    Al-Biruni: the "founder of Indology", "father of comparative religion" and geodesy, and "first anthropologist" titles for his remarkable description of early 11th-century India. Georg Morgenstierne regarded him as "the founder of comparative studies in human culture".

    Al-Khwarizmi: most renowned as the "father of algebra" Al-Khwarizmi had such huge influence on the field of mathematics that it is attributed to him the eponymous word 'algorithm' as well as 'algebra'.

    Ibn Hazm: father of comparative religion and "honoured in the West as that of the founder of the science of comparative religion". Alfred Guillaume refers to him the composer of "the first systematic higher critical study of the Old and New testaments". However, William Montgomery Watt disputes the claim, stating that Ibn Hazm's work was preceded by earlier works in Arabic and that "the aim was polemical and not descriptive".

    Muhammad al-Idrisi: father of world map

    Averroes (Ibn Rushd) (1126-1198): known in west as The Commentator, "father of free thought and unbelief" and has been described by some as the "father of rationalism" and the "founding father of secular thought in Western Europe". Ernest Renan called Averroes the absolute rationalist, and regarded him as the father of freethought and dissent.

    Rhazes: His treatise on Diseases in Children has led many to consider him the "father of pediatrics". He has also been praised as the "real founder of clinical medicine in Islam".

    Ismail al-Jazari: Father of Automaton and Robotics.

    Al-Tusi, "father of trigonometry" as a mathematical discipline in its own right.

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