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    Looking short in size, does that matter performance wise?

    It is the fact that as we grow into the age, the height also get into developing mode and normally it is said that by the age of 19 one would gather the right quantum of height and beyond that there is no growth or nil growth. While looking taller than required were some of the plus points to some, but looking shorter than others would make the person sulk and does not want to mingle with others. The height phobia would haunt at every place and there every chance of teasing and that would have affect on the performance of the person with short height. Do you feel that your height is right and accepted?
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    Looks, height, color, etc are God's gifts that one receives from their birth. These are things that cannot be amended but yes, some technologies have come up that claim to give you an add-on but without guarantee. Can we do anything for what we receive by birth?

    It is a point that everyone wants what he/she doesn't have. For shorter people, they want to get taller, for black, they want to be fairer, for curly hair, they want their hair to be straight, for fat, they want to get slimmer, for lean they want to get the build, etc.

    Some things can be achieved, like knowledge, money, power, weight, strength, etc but some cannot be changed. We need to accept the truth and make that our plus point to deal with than crying over it. If we can accept the truth, it can never be a hurdle but help us to move forward and achieve everything.

    Things that can be changed can be done and we should try our best to improve. Things that cannot be modified or changed should be accepted. This helps us to progress in life. We may face criticism or taunts from others but we need to learn to ignore and stand tall in front of them and make them feel that these are not what can pull us back from achieving what we want.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    Strictly speaking the short height of a person is not a deficiency of his personality but unfortunately in the society many people consider it as sign of deficiency in one way or the other. Even the individual who is having short height is psychologically affected by it and sometimes his confidence is shattered in front of other people or in presence of a big group of people. In my opinion this is only a matter of mind set and can be changed with self confidence and control on one's feelings.
    During my career I have seen some short people who move with confidence with their wide shoulders and when they move ahead people give way to them even those who are having much more height than that particular short person.
    If a person is confident and acquires sufficient knowledge, skills, and other qualifications to survive and succeed in this competitive world then there is no problem with his or her height.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Height is in no way a hindrance to your performance in your career. But generally, people think that person who is tall looks more handsome than a short person. Handsomeness is something different and your performance is nothing to do with the handsomeness. Lal Bahadur Shastry our Ex-Prime Minister is a short person. But he is a polite and admirable candidate and he should be a role model to the present-day politicians. His height never stopped him from doing better work. Like this, we may have many examples. But in the entertainment field, people who are handsome with good height and personality may perform better and may have good chances to excel in that field. In South India, many people know about Chandra Mohan a Telugu actor. He is short. But he did well in many movies and won awards also. He acted in many roles and got recognition as a supporting actor. So there is no necessity for short people to worry. Forget about your height and concentrate on your performance. Definitely, you will excel.
    always confident

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