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    KCR reach out of 3 lakh compensation to each North farmers-a gimmick

    Telangana CM and TRS President KCR has created a sensation when he announced compensation of three lakh each to those families of farmers who lost their lives during the Kissan agitation and this move has been seen as the gimmick to have the check on BJP in the general election as the center has not accepted his proposal to buy excess paddy from the state at MSP and therefore want to teach lesson in this way by reach out. By the way those farmers who lost lives in his own state has no mention. What you read in this move ? Earlier moves of KCR to bring all opposition at one plank failed?
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    KCR, the Chief Minister of Telangana is a person who talks based on the situation and never hesitates to say no to what he said yes earlier. He changes his words often. He is the person who wanted to make a Dalit as the chief of the state before elections and announced the same also. But after the elections, he became the CM. All his words and actions are political gimmicks only. Never we should believe his words.
    When a journalist asked him about petrol and diesel prices, he talked as if the State governments are not getting even a single rupee from the taxes that are collected from the above products. It is good if he is giving Rs.3 Lakhs for the family of a deceased farmer during the agitation at least within the state. The opposition for KCR is increasing day by day. So he is trying to get back support by doing all such political gimmicks. Let us see how farmers will react to his new incentive proposal.

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    The farmers agitation is a controversial issue and there are many aspects for looking at it. The first point is that all the farmers of the country didn't join this movement. It was led by a particular group whose credentials are also doubtful. They got good support from some quarters and had plenty of money for feeding the farmers and giving them facilities at the place of agitation. In such a condition the death of farmers itself is a question mark because when people are getting sufficient food and all the facilities for participating in the agitation then what are the reasons for these deaths.
    Other point is that no one knows with surety whether the new farming rules would had brought prosperity to the farmers or not and some people without pondering about that just had joined the agitation. In such a state of confusion announcing ex gratia grant for the farmers doesn't make any sense.

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    The Chief Minister of Telangana, Mr. K. Chandra Sekhara Rao did a very good thing in announcing Rs 3 lakh compensation to the farmers who lost their lives during the agitation against the Farm Laws. The Prime Minister should have done this. Mr.KCR also asked the Prime Minister to pay Rs 1 crore compensation to all the farmers who died during agitation. The Prime Minister has not so far conveyed his condolences to the farmers who lost their lives. I appreciate Mr. KCR for this gesture. He already went to Delhi along with officials to meet the farmers and get the details. This action of Mr. KCR is definitely a political gimmick. For that matter, Modiji's assurance of repeal of the three Farm Laws is also a political gimmick.

    There are still some people who do not believe that this farmer's agitation is not a genuine one and is not backed by all. They do not accept facts or listen to reason. Many Farmer's Associations extended their support to this agitation. They might not have been physically present at the place of agitation near Delhi but their support was with the agitating farmers. If this agitation is not supported by all but only a few, why did the Union Government decide to repeal the laws?

    The agitating farmers got support from others who are sympathetic towards the agitation. The farmers received money and material support from others to continue this agitation. All this support came from well-wishers. The government can make inquiries and ascertain the number of farmers who died during the year-long agitation braving the heat, wind, rains, and biting winter cold of Delhi. It is possible for Sikhs only who are strong and capable of facing any amount of physical difficulties. Can anyone who demeans the agitation, go to agitation place and sustain in such hot, rainy, windy, and cold weather conditions for just one month?

    The new Farm Law brings money to the government in taxes and profits to the exporters of the farm produce. The farmers will be paid the price for their produce existing in the market on that particular day. The government refused to pay MSP for their produce and include that clause in the laws. Assuming that many of them joined the agitation without pondering may be true. In many agitations that is what happens.

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    Had KCR put his house in order at home turf would have been more better as regards farmers woes.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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