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    Safe or happy life, what is the choice?

    Yesterday, I went to the house of one of my acquaintances, where I saw a very beautiful aquarium, initially, its beauty and the fish are wandering swimming in it fascinated me and I kept looking at it for some time, how beautiful small fish from one shore to the other but then suddenly I realized how little this place is for these fish, while God has created them for big places like rivers or sea so that they can live their life freely but that aquarium limited them like have done When I asked my acquaintance that he does not mind capturing fish in this way, his answer was that the life of these fish is more in danger in large reservoirs and here they are safe in the aquarium. Maybe that person is right in their place, but is it right to take away their freedom from those fish like this, or should we let them live their independent life because they know how to protect themselves. What is your opinion in this regard?
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    A good thought from the writer. I would say that both perspectives are right. Your friend said that they are much safer in the aquarium whereas if they are left in the sea or river, they might be eaten by big fish or caught in the net, be a portion of food for others.

    As in your case, they should be given freedom as they need to live in their world i.e. the river or sea. From their view, they are denied freedom but actually, it's their life that is in danger. It can be that they can be left to themselves to decide what they choose.

    If we think deeply if connecting with humans, our parents are protective and would not want us to be safe and sound but we would want freedom. We are humans with brains that can think but what abt animals or other things, we cannot compare them with humans and say that freedom is best for them.

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    A fish in the aquarium is much safe but we can't provide aquariums to see that they are all safe. A ship is very safe when it is on the shore. But ships are not made for that. A man will be safe when he is inside his house but how many people are sitting in the house for their safety. If we go out we may get killed in an accident or somebody may attack us, so on and so forth. But how we will live if we simply sit in our house. If the aquarium owner is sitting in the house for safety who will give food to the fish in the aquarium.
    No doubt safety is important. But living with freedom and living on our own will definitely be much better than confining ourselves and depending on somebody for food. I always feel that animals should have their own freedom and we should not restrict their moment. OK. Out of our interest, we are trying to have pets in the house but definitely, we are snatching away the freedom of such animals.

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    The essence of our living a good life is to be safe and lead a purposeful life. The other day I saw a writing on the back of the car that " live to drive" that is wonderful short message. That we are in a hurry in daily routines not giving credence to dangers that are lurking in the melee and therefore even the small mistake would post challenge to our life. For example lighting a diya in the puja room of the house should be safe. There should not be cloths that can come in contact with the light due to switching on the fan in the side rooms. These are simple things to observe and if we ignore, fire accidents can takes place and that is dangerous to happy life. By the way by being safe we are paving way for the happy and secured life. That is the reason elders are more concerned about safety and security of every one for sure.
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    This is not an answer to the particular case referred in the thread, but as a general response to life situations we face.

    I would say that safety -safety of person and personal belongings is a priority. When we feel really safe we are half or maximum happy. Nothing will give us happiness if we are in danger and fear for our safety. Humans will be ready to exchange anything for the self safety. Even hunger comes next at that situation.

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    Removing an animal from its usual habitat and keeping it in a confined place is definitely limiting its freedom. In the name of providing them safety we keep them in our house for our own amusement and entertainment. Birds are caged in small enclosures. Pets are kept in chained conditions. Fishes are kept in the small glass jars. We are doing it for our own enjoyment and not for their safety welfare. Nature has sufficient place for each and everyone and the ecological balance is based on many factors in nature so that the animals thrive and survive and remain in their natural habitat and do not become extinct also. By shifting them from their place to the caged situation we are tempering with the species and their free lives. If we keep them like that their instinct to fight and survive will end and they will forget as how to live in nature independently. We are not supposed to take that decision in our hands as we are also a part of nature and living under the same sky. It is the nature which created them and only nature can bring changes in them and we are not entitled to do so.
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    I have seen the analogy used for the fish in the case of the birds captured in the birdcage but never in the case of fishes. But I do believe as the humans need every creature needs its freedom and until exposed to real-world scenarios any creature will never know how to survive, even a tiger who has lived his entire life in a zoo will never know how to hunt since it has acquired the habit of having a free meal but also tiger will never be aware of how it feels like to live in the forest. Similarly, these fishes grown in the ponds and then sold in aquariums never actually know how the life is outside the aquarium and will never be able to survive in the big sea after a certain time but if left on their own they will be happy in their own habitat rather than an aquarium.
    I am very fond of the movie called "Finding Nemo" an animated movie and its sequel called "finding Dory" which I watched when I was in class 6th and still love it has a perfect depiction of what the author has described here.
    I guess any creature will go for happiness rather than safety only if the creature knows what happiness feels like.

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    Freedom should not be taken away of any creation. If the fishes are in kept in the aquarium thinking that they are safe in the cage and it might be case in some situations since these tiny creatures are aloof from their communities not knowing the hazards to be encountered in their free lives. If allowed to remain in such an environment, they could gather some knowledge how they could protect themselves with the eminent danger and in that way, they can be tuned to the environment. They would definitely examine the means which would offer them safety but confining them in the aquarium would not allow them to learn the techniques to keep themselves safe from any external threats. Hence without knowing the danger looming in the external environment they are cut off the other side of their lives.

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