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    One should not expect from others what he himself has suffered.

    As time is changing, new generations are coming with new thinking and new thinking will only motivate them to live life in a new way which is also necessary. In such a situation, it does not seem appropriate to expect from the new generation what we have suffered. I remember the first time I got a cycle in 9th class, whereas my niece had the first cycle in the 2nd class itself and there is nothing to complain about. Still, in some families, I have seen that people remember their sorrow or bad times and advise other people to learn to endure. Especially this is seen in the case of daughters-in-law in the in-laws' house, where the mother-in-law must have tolerated a lot in her time and expects the same from her daughter-in-law. This happens to some extent in the case of father and son also. Giving experience and knowledge to your younger or future generation is definitely the right of the elders and it is also necessary. But with the changing times, we probably should not make some same expectations from the coming generations because now the situation has changed and if they want to move forward then they should be allowed to grow according to the new times.
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    Good thread from the author. By virtue of first hand experience on any matter which we have gone through and even setbacks occurred, that must be made known to others. Sometimes we are successful in the attempts and many a time failures are recorded. In that case telling others who are also bound to make same mistake and thus alert them. Coming to the mother in law expectations and daughter in law sulking it is the natural happening. There is always more expectations from the new girl to home because mother in law thinks that by virtue of good education many things would have been known without asking for. And here the rights are asserted and they would totally forgot what went during their days. One thing is sure, adjustment is the way of life and if the new girl could understand this , she can do wonders in that house.
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    Having a cycle or not having it will depend on the financial soundness of the family. My father used to go to his office on foot as he was not able to purchase a cycle those days. I used to go to college on a walk. But my sons were using a motorcycle to attend college. But today my son is going to his office in his own car. Nothing to worry and we can't ask my son to go on foot as my father went to the office on foot. That is because of the financial condition of the family at that time. When we were children there were no taps in the house and we used to draw water from the well using a bucket and rope. But these days children never need to go to a well to get water. The technology developed and many advancements took place. So I think expecting others to suffer as we suffered earlier is not correct and that should not be encouraged.
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