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    Nowadays working parents leave their small children either with their grand parents or nannies.

    Working parents,hand over their children under the umbrella of either their parents or caretakers with a satisfaction that their children would be properly attended.
    It is true that the children are looked after well.

    I feel it is a very big responsibility to attend to small children. Some are very mischievous. Just now I came across an article in a famous magazine where a lady had narrated an incident when her sister had left her child and had gone to office. Suddenly,the sister found out that the kid was missing and a disaster was bound to happen. At the right time ,she rescued the child.

    After reading this,I thought I would better alert those who have been baby sitting children.children try to experiment new things . They go to the kitchen and get sharp objects,slip out of the house silently ,or call some body on the mobile phone and do many such things which makes our heart beat faster. But some children are well behaved and it is easy to handle them.

    Have you heard of or experienced a dangerous situation related to small children ?
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    To be frank, yes, I have heard both good and bad parts about handing one's child or children to someone else to take care of. When we talk about taking help from grandparents, we can be much more at peace as we can have trust in them as they will always see to it that our children are safe, healthy, and well-behaved.

    When we talk of nannies or babysitters, we can never be assured if they will take good care of our child. There are many cases reported wherein they have mishandled the kids and that has put a big scar on their minds which is reflected through their behavior.

    As we are moving more towards nuclear family, the trend of putting our children for babysitting or keeping nannies will increase but it is up to us to make the best choice. In today's world, it is equally important for both parents to work to make both ends meet.

    Let us hope that we don't get such a bad experience and have good research about the place where we gonna keep our children for daycare. Many good daycare centers give importance to safety, budding-up, upskill children, etc.

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    Taking care of children is definitely a responsible job. It requires extra alertness for the person who is entrusted with this task. In many families where husband and wife both are working, taking care of a kid is the main problem and either they have to keep them in day care centres or if grandparents are there then with them. Nowadays many families are in nuclear mode and there is a problem of taking care of the kids as grandparents live separately. So the only alternative is to hire a nanny. If the nanny is not careful and not doing her job seriously then there are situations where the kid can move here and there and some unfortunate accident can happen.
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    Definitely, it is a very big and responsible job and at the same time, it is a thankless job also. The caretakers of children will be enemies to the children. The children will develop a negative feeling about the caretakers as they will restrict them and will not allow doing whatever they want. At the same time if something happens parents will definitely find fault with the caretakers.
    If grandparents are taking care of children, parents need not worry much. The children will be treated properly and tell them stories and see that they will acquire all good habits. But when the children were left to servant maids or ayas, parents should be more careful. I have seen these maids being busy with their mobiles leaving the children in a room and closing the door so that they can't go out.
    Oneday I was busy with my laptop. My granddaughter opened the refrigerator and took out an appeal. Then she went into the kitchen and took a knife from the stand and she was trying to cut the apple. I immediately went into the kitchen and observed the same. I took the knife from her. Then I cut the apple and gave her the pieces. We should not allow children to handle the knives.

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    When the little children are under the care of grandma or the nannies, nothing to worry and they are in the safe hands. In fact the elders would love to handle the kids with care and they not only nurture very well, time to time food, drinks, and making them them to sleep are the routines they carry out. And the little ones are more comfortable with the grand parents because, they get what they want without asking far, and the story telling would be ample and varied. I have seen even after the parents arrive from the office, the kids would not go to their laps and prefer to stay with the grand parents and at times there are quarrel that the kid was totally brain washed and that is why they are not preferring the parents etc. Little children need the connectivity and affection of warmth with the grand parents get in ample and thus they like them.
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