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    I want to post some articles on IELTS and TOFEL.

    As I have already mentioned in my profile ,I have my own institute named Sai English Tutorials for the past many years. I still conduct classes fie IELTS , TOFEL and English grammar and communication.communication.

    I would like to know whether I can post some tips on the above subjects which I have been teaching. British Council and IDP , Australia who conduct IELTS tests had invited us to their seminars several times

    I would be grateful if you could give me an opportunity to discuss the recent speaking and writing topics with any students who have registered for the test or planning to apear for the same.

    Radha Muralidhar
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    Many students who are desiring to go abroad for higher education mandatory attend the English language proficiency tests like IELTS or TOFEL. So, naturally the articles telling about how to appear in these tests and how to score good marks in them will be of immense value to the students and such articles might get a good traffic also. You can search articles on these topics in ISC resource section also and get the valuable details about these tests.
    If you want to write articles on this niche area then some of the ideas which can be expanded by studying about this matter in details could be - 'How to score high in IELTS or TOFEL', 'Do you know the process for applying for IELTS or TOFEL tests?' etc. Anyway, these are only a few indicative headings. You can very well have more imagination there.

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    Radha, no offence meant, but I think you should start approaching our exchanges here more seriously and must follow your own threads and the threads to which you post responses. You have posted a similar query as a response to this thread to which Vandana ma'am had given a detailed reply.

    May I once again remind you of the forum footer facility if at all you want your name to appear again at the end of all the contents you post? If I am not mistaken, you have been told about this issue a number of times but you are either missing out on our advice/ instructions or are neglecting the same. You may also please refer to this General Instruction that was posted earlier.

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    Articles on any subject that will be useful and interesting to students, the teaching community and related areas can be submitted in the article section. Once you submit your article, the Editors will be going through the article and deciding the further course of action. Once the article is published members who are interested and come out with their comments.
    Anyhow before submitting your article you can go through the following so that you will understand the process of writing and submitting an article.
    1. India Study Channel Article Section Posting Guidelines
    2.Good Article Writing Tips
    3. We are switching to a true Academic Portal * REVISED

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    ISC has be open to everyone to share anything that benefits the students and the articles on IELTS and TOFEL are most wanted and most required for the student community and ISC would be welcoming such articles provided they are your own creations and nothing imported from other sites. The articles on the above subjects can be with the interaction of the students who went through the exam, the pattern of questions asked and how to answer the most difficult one and so on. It seems the author is having more interest on English grammar and communication skills, which can be appended as articles and that would be more welcomed. And also share the seminars on the above entrance exams that are being conducted in other countries so that the students applying for them could be given the chance to get all information.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Saji Ganesh,
    Thank you for your post. I will follow the instructions henceforth since I have understood the rules of ISC . It was not intentional and respect the Editors decision . I thank Vandana also for understanding me and have been encouraging me since I joined ISC.

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