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    Please share your tips for improving our writing

    Many people have got an interest in writing or creative writing or content writing and they regularly participate in the forum or question-answer sections or submit their work like articles or stories or poems on various sites in the internet. It often so happens that while composing our work we do some small mistakes here and there but that greatly affects the overall presentation of our written document to the readers or the concerned persons.

    Through this post, I invite the members to share the tips that they feel would be helpful for all of us in creating a presentable write-up.
    To start with, I have a few in my mind that I try to take care in my writings -
    1. Keeping a space after a comma or full stop.
    2. Trying to keep the verb as per its singular or plural use.

    There could be many more and please share if you have got some tips like that which would improve our writings.
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    I would suggest every writer to revise the write-up a number of times. I do it, but at times the mistakes still remain. We all should be very careful because one spelling mistake can change the meaning of the context. Yesterday, I read a post on Facebook in which writer wanted to write the word pose while she spelt it as pause. We should be very cautious.

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    Improve your vocabulary by reading more and more and understanding the new words. Practice referring to the dictionary to know the meanings of the used words which you don't know. Improve your grammar so that there will not be any grammatical mistakes in your writings.
    Two factors will influence the quality of your presentation. The first one is the language. How better you are presenting the language with apt words without any mistakes will make the difference. Once we complete the writing it is good to review it again so that we will find the mistakes and then we can correct them. The second one is the subject. On what subject you are making your writing and how deep and how accurately you are presenting the subject will make the difference. Generally, all sites will see your presentation skills and language mistakes. But only some will look into the depth and accuracy of the subject.

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    Good thread from the author, while there is emphasis for improving our writing, but English is such a lovely language, there is scope for improvement as we make the content and that is not considered as mistake by giving chance for improvement. I have seen one content elsewhere on the internet, that by giving sub-heading to every paragraph that author has enhanced the presentation to next level and the highlight is that, those who read the sub-heading, they could know the content within in it. Such is the profess and use of the language that everything was told in a most narrative manner and even the children can understand what the author wanted to convey. And if the write ups were with illustrations, then that would further add grace to the content.. And it all depends on leisure and mood of the writer also.
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    This thread author's two threads in close following viz.- No.179350 and 179373 have got cash credits.

    That itself proves how a good (his) writing is for this forum. He is also one of the top and fast rate scorer in ISC.

    Hence I feel the author has more to suggest than he can get from us. We welcome that.

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    This is a much-needed thread especially for people like me, as I feel I have a good command of language and my vocabulary is ok as well, but I am always confused with the punctuations. If I have to narrate my work to someone I always do better but when left to someone else to read I am not very confident about it being understood the way it was meant to be. Whenever I try to write I often end up making long sentences and paragraphs and it makes the whole work look verbose.

    1) As far as my advice goes I will say the use of simple language is better rather than ornamental words.
    2) if someone wants to increase one's vocabulary and language skills one should read more and more.

    Overall in this scenario, I am more of a seeker of advice rather than a giver so I will limit my advice to language skills only. As I am not always very confident about my grammatical skills.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    One tip that I want to further add in this thread is the use of an appropriate word. Sometimes we do not get an exact word and use some word which is near to it in the meaning. But if we refer a thesaurus or find the synonyms for that word we will get that eluding exact word.
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