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    Multi-functional role of things

    Every object in our home or office has its own specific functional utility, such as a needle for sewing and a stapler to put papers together. Have you, though, ever used something in the home or office, or perhaps even outdoors, that came in use in a handy manner for something entirely different from its main use? Perhaps it was conveniently at hand and you didn't want to be bothered with finding the actual object that you required for some activity, or perhaps you suddenly realized its usefulness beyond its normal function.

    An example- Our kitchen fan is at a low height but not quite within my reach. So a few times when the fan's blades did not turn when switching it on, I would take the rolling pin used for rolling out dough for rotis to reach up and swipe at the blades. That was really useful and the fan would start its rotation! Same with taking the kitchen tongs to get it to swirl.

    Do share some fun, unique, creative things that you did with things in your home or elsewhere.
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    The other day the holder of the bulb was broken on one side and the bub could not withstand with single grip on the down side. Though the holder can be replaced for new one, I tried to have a support match stick by the side of top broken place and the bulb started flashing with good grip and holding firmly. And the first room has the high roof and that cannot be cleaned with the broom stick by the house holds for that matter anyone as the height was more than 22 feet. So what I used to do that insert one more stick ( Walking stick ) at the other end so that the top portion can be reached to cleanse the spider nets. Though these things may be funny for us , but getting used to the things already available and making adjustments should be the hall mark of life and one should not keep on spending for new or the other things as replacement.
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    Many times some items with us will come in handy to use them for a different purpose than what it is originally used for. We travel in trains and we will have fans in all the compartments. Sometimes these fans will not start working immediately after switching it on. In such cases, the pen in our pocket will come handy. We can get onto the top berth and from there we can try to move the fan wings with the pen and the fan blades will start moving. This practically I observed many times. We can easily insert the pen inside the mesh that is provided to cover the blades of the fan.
    Many times we use a knife in the kitchen to open the seal of a cool drink in the absence of an opener that is designed to open the cool drink bottles. These days no tool is designed for a single purpose. The design itself will be such that the tool will have multiple uses.

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    Mumbai local train passengers are experts in using their pocket combs to make the fans rotate.

    Improvisation is a good talent and asset for we Indians. This comes to help in times of emergencies and calamities. The local people do very good work much before professional help arrives.

    The most common safety pins which our women and girls used to have in spare was a most useful tool. It has helped many a person whether man, woman or child-rich or poor. It has come to my help when my pants zip broke, and also when my slipper belt gave way.
    I used to cut apples and fruits with just a twine thread during my travel. Girls used to shape their bindi or tilak by using threads.
    There can be many such funny but practical facts in everyone's day to day life.

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