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    Do you need to keep track of birthdays and other important days?

    There are people who have an extraordinary ability to remember dates, not just of birthdays and marriage anniversaries, but also the exact date when they got their graduation degree, their first school prize, perhaps even the date of joining their first job. Then there are people who can't even remember their kids' birthdays!

    At one time people jotted down in a diary the important dates to remember or marked them on a calendar or put a sticky note on the fridge door. Today we have a phone in which we can mark those dates so that it duly pings with the alert on D-day.

    How good are you at recalling dates? Do you need and use some particular method to keep track of such dates? After all, you don't want to miss saying "Happy Birthday dear friend" or "Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad"!
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    When we congratulate and wish people on their birthdays or marriage anniversaries or on any other such occasions then they feel very happy and we also feel happy about it that we have wished them at an opportune time. Some people have a great ability to remember these dates and they are also very regular in wishing the friends and relatives in time.
    I am very poor in remembering the dates, names of people, names of places etc but I have noted them in a diary and see it time to time so that I do not miss wishing my friends and relatives. Many times I wish them after the date also.

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    I am very lucky in this matter that people do not get a chance to complain to me, because I remember many people's birthdays or other special dates. It is not that I have tried to remember them but naturally, I remember the dates. I always wish my relatives their special days and it's really a good way to be connected with your loved ones.

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    I keep the birthdays of all my family members on my mobile as well as the computer. It is a good habit to greet people on their birthday, marriage anniversary. Family Whatsapp groups are very helpful in conveying our birthday or marriage anniversary wishes. Some people like Ms. Swati Sharma remember the dates which is a very good practice. Our family members who are abroad will feel very happy if we remember their birthdays and marriage anniversaries.
    It is better to note down the dates digitally or in writing so that we do not forget.

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    I usually remember birthdays of my family members and some of the relatives and friends. Though sonetime i forget to wish due to busy schedule. But still I always try to remember and wish all of them. Sometimes, if i feel that i will forget then i tell my son to remind me birthdays and anniversaries. He keep remember all these things and also remind me. But I think setting a reminder in phone or mark on planner is a good idea.

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    All the people who are important in my life and the loved ones I remember each and everyone's birthday without any effort, but other than that usually as it is a trend now to place one's birthday stories on Instagram so I get the information and I wish them there. People often depend on Facebook as well but I don't use Facebook anymore so for me Instagram is the only place to get a reminder of people's birthdays nowadays.
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    I am very poor in remembering dates. In fact it is not for any other reason that I used to score less marks in Social Studies alone, (which had history and needed me to know and remember many dates of happenings).

    I do not remember the DOB, wedding day, and other dates and days which usually people need to remember . As I had to write my DOB in many records I remember that. After I left my home for job, I had not celebrated my birthday. It was my mother who used to celebrate it till when I was at my native home. My wife tried for a couple of years initially and then gave in to my habits.

    I am happy that others do not send me greetings on by DOB because I am not there in Facebook. But still I receive the stereotype E-greetings from banks or some websites where I had registered and recorded my DOB.
    But when someone intimates about such things in Whatsapp or to me directly, I do not lack in courtesy and greet them sincerely. But I had not taken any effort to keep tag of such things till now.

    But my wife remembers and reminds me to send greetings to our close relatives on some special dates in their life Thanks to her, that keeps me going without creating enemies.

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    Using mobile apps or not, wishing someone on their special days means a lot to them. And remembering some important days in our own lives has its perks. For example the first day of the job. When you remember it, you can calculate how long you have been working. And by the details of that day's events, you can compare how good you have become from your first day of work till today.

    But nobody is that perfect to remember every important day. But we are smart enough to note those things in our smartphones or diaries when we remember them. But you should know that memorization is a great exercise for our brains. When we try to memorize something, it is like we work out. Physical workout is for our body. And memorization is for the brain. According to the researches, it enhances our memory and ability to learn new information. It is said that memorization increases the size and improves the function of the memory-related brain structures. Not only that, it enhances the creativity in us by freeing up brain circuitry for creative thinking.

    Let us work out our brains. Let us try to memorize some very important days. Happy memorizing folks!

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    From my education days, I have the habit of noting down the birthdays and marriage days of my family members and close friends. I had a separate book for that and used to refer once in a month and note down the dates in that month and mark them so that I will not forget. In our house, we are having the habit of performing birthdays based on the Telugu calendar based on the lunar moments. So it is very difficult to remember them and react exactly on the same date. So I used to note down and refer. But WhatsApp groups are helping us. In the group, somebody or others will be remembering the date and they post their wishes first and then follows the messages from all other group members. It gives happiness to the other person when he receives a message wishing him on an important date. So it is good if we remember and send the messages to them on that date.
    In our village, there is a boy who remembers the birthdays of all the friends he is having and other members of his friend's family also. Surely we will receive a call from him on all important dates.

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    Of course we four do remember our birthdays, thanks to much habituated dates and also the social media would be alerting the house members about the impending birthdays. But there are people in our relations whose mind works as the encyclopaedia and remembers the birth dates, marriage anniversaries, death ceremonies thithi etc with pinpoint details and we generally ask her for the on coming celebrations in which house. We generally have whatsapp group for the families and friends and birthdays messages are flashed early in the morning and whole day the wishes do takes place with sharing of rare images associated with the past event. For that matter my third elder sister has best birth dates of their family. She was born on 26th Republic day, her son on 25th Christmas, daughter on 15th Aug and my brother in law on Tamil new years day. But I remember our family important days.
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    Wishing people on their birthdays or important days and getting wishes from others on our important days is something that even though some like it while hating it is good. It helps to take time for others and celebrate their happiness and joy. We want people to wish us but may not tell on our face and it always feels good to get blessings and wishes from people we know.

    I do remember dates of birthdays or wedding anniversaries of most of my family members, friends, and colleagues, and our mobile phones are very helpful in notifying me with their pop-ups every year. Everyone can use their phone to keep a reminder yearly that can help them celebrate the happiness of their loved ones if they tend to forget things. I do save it on my phone or google calendar that helps me with a reminder and wishes them on their important day.

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