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    Efficient working in online mode

    Nowadays many banking services are available online and it is very convenient for the customer if he has knowledge of operating it through internet and getting his work done. Though all the functions are not incorporated in the online services but still there is a lot of convenience for the customer. With time we hope that more and more functions will be included and will be available online.
    This has actually increased the efficiency in the working system also.
    Recently, I went to the SBI bank branch near my house and asked them as how to get my old FD transferred from a brach in Vadodara, Gujarat to this branch. They told me that they will do it for me but also gave me another alternative and told me to send them an email and attach a copy of FD advice. They gave me their email address as every branch has a unique email ID.
    I sent them an email requesting for it and within 25 minutes I got a message in my registered mobile number that the FD is transferred to the branch near my house.
    It is very impressive. The use of internet in getting things done at that speed. Have you also got any similar experience of remarkable efficiency obtained through email/SMS/Internet?
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    Online facilities have really helped us. However sometime sI have a fear that once this becomes the normal, then it becomes a monopoly and we may have to suffer as victims at the hands of the monopolists. Already we are tasting that as there are only just a few big multinational corporates in such sectors. They dictate terms to us.
    If net fails o there are issues in connectivity or the provider withdraws certain facilities then we will be facing a lot trouble.

    Hence I will hope for more players so that the real market forces operate and we get good quality service at most reasonable rates without being helpless victims.

    Another issue is the security and privacy risk.

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    It is good that government banks have started realizing to keep the customers happy without making any delay whatsoever as regards to transfer of FD from one branch to other. Previously the banks used to refuse such transfers citing reasons that there is no such facility and one has to withdraw and again open new account at the new place. The online platform has proved to be very convenient for the banks. By the way the customers stopped visiting banks and the things are getting done easily. That is the reason being so the staff were trained to attend the calls and give the right direction to the customers to make their things done. SBI has the big network but one thing I fail to understand that the bank network goes for non working at the peak first hour of Monday and that is irksome as many transactions get delayed.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The online banking system is a great initiative that helps customers have hassle-free banking transactions and other document-related activities. The online system is economical and saves time, and a person can transact in the comfort of his or her home without stepping out. With online facilities at disposal, youth have shown interest in investments in stocks and even teenagers are stepping into the investment market due to the online investment option available now. The online system has transformed business activities into a hassle-free system. And it has encouraged people to use online methods than the traditional ones to carry business and banking-related activities. The traditional system of banking is fading away and people are enjoying new methods of the online system that is very encouraging!

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    Of course yes. Not only in the banking sector but also the internet saved us to get through this covid pandemic. I don't know if it wasn't invented by this time, most of us would have been stuck in this critical situation. In the earlier stages, When someone from the family was affected by the disease, their neighborhood had treated that entire family like outcasts. Everyone was afraid to approach them when they were in quarantine. But the internet made it easier with the online food, grocery, and medicine delivery system. So that they were able to provide themselves with the necessities.
    And online job hunting made the shifting easy. Earlier most of the time the interviews were face to face. Now, even if it's face to face but it's done through video calls. In the IT industry job opportunities raised to their peak now. Job shifting is all over the place. We need to admit that the internet made everything a lot easier.

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    Not only in the banking sector but in many other places also internet has immensely helped in increasing the efficiency and reducing the time taken in certain processes. With more robust servers things would further improve.
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    The convenience that digitisation has brought in the sector of services is tremendous and when we experience it ourselves we tend to appreciate this technology more and more. Any area, any kind of service be its tourism industry, hotel industry, school education has been revolutionised with the use of digitisation and with an app available for any kind of task. Even if someone is not aware of the usage of many applications only a single google search can make you aware of any kind of application.
    Once the most feared thing was a computer that will take away the job of man is still fear but it is also true that such technology has also created a new avenue for job seekers as well only if one has such digital literacy.

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    That is true. Making transactions online has become very easy. Many tasks have become very easy these days. We used to go and stand in the queue for a long time to get a railway reservation made. But now we are able to get it done just by sitting in our house. Like that in many areas, it has become easy for making transactions.
    These days going physically to the banks is not a requirement. All transactions are online and we can do them. Another advantage is we need not carry physical cash and we can do transactions to online apps. Even a vegetable vendor is also using a scanner and allowing online transactions. So really life has become very easy. But we should be very careful while doing such transactions. Any mistake in typing the numbers there will be a big problem. Once one of my friends typed a number wrongly and the amount went to the wrong account. But immediately he understood the problem and contact the concerned bank and corrective action has been taken.

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