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    Never get into such traps

    We all know that unemployment is increasing day by day in the country. The students who are completing their studies are trying all possible ways to get into a job. Getting even a private job is becoming very difficult.

    Understanding this situation some cheats are trying to trap the people telling them that they will get them jobs and collecting huge money. Some of the unemployed who are desperate are giving them money by taking loans and eagerly waiting for the appointment letter. But there will be no ending for their waiting.

    In the Warangal district of Telangana, a syndicate of three members from different states made some unemployed people believe that they have influence and can arrange government jobs for them and took 5 to 10 lakh rupees from each candidate. Around 240 people paid them the money and after collecting the money all the three were absconded. These victims gave a complaint to the police and the case is under investigation.

    Similar incidents are happening in many places. So please advise all your known people not to get into such traps.
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    The people must understand that when the merit is not getting the due recognition nor the government jobs with ease, how can some gullible persons would help to get the jobs and what were their credentials before and to whom they got the jobs. Without verifying such details the unemployed youth fell into the cheating trap and thus lost huge money. What is more surprising that there are small business which can be done with five to 10 lakhs rupees in hand and that could have been the decent living. But lured to get the government job which has the job security and pension after retirement made people to believe even the nonsense told. The people need to learn that govt jobs are not that easy to get and for every job eligibility, entrance exam pass and other criteria matters and one has to compete.
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    There are some cheats who in the name of providing employment to the unemployed people are actually cheating them and taking money on some pretext or in the name of applying for the job.
    People should be very cautious regarding these cheats who are deceiving and misleading the unemployed people. First thing is one should not pay any money to them. There are so many online job portals which provide job information freely so why to unnecessarily get in problem by contacting these cheats.

    Knowledge is power.

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    This is such a sorry state of affairs and sad news but people should be aware of such fraudulent practices going on the society. Even though unemployment is at its peak so is the depression for not being able to achieve one's true potential is but people should have faith in their own hard work even if it is very difficult rather than getting trapped in such an issue. Parents already spent so much on children's education and then expecting them to pay for getting a job is also not at all a good idea. The covid period has increased this desperation of job-seeking at an exponential rate but people should not fall for such traps and try to utilise their education at better places.
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    One of my distant relatives is an engineer and he was trying for a job. Somebody approached him and told him that they can get him a job in a private company but the employer is expecting one lakh rupees for giving him the appointment. My relative phoned up and asked me whether he can pay that money. I told him not to pay and say him that he will pay the money only after getting the appointment letter and working for 3 months only. He conveyed the same and the person disappeared. Like this, we are seeing many people cheating unemployed people.
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