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    Ola cabs- makes earning at the weakness of customer urgency- lesson learned

    Two days back we booked a Ola cab to the distance of just 9 kilometers and first booking displayed rate as 276. We could see at least 20 cars at the vicinity but none would accept. The time was 7 pm. Then one driver responded who said it would take 20 minutes to visit. He asked to cancel the request. When that is done, suddenly the rate escalated to 576. Now the calls from nearest cab has come. Surprisingly the driver would get just 150 out of real 276, but Ola has been making cool profit of three hundred by cheating way.. Any way we accepted the journey with much fuming. Ola makes earning at the weakness of customer urgency- lesson learned
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    Generally, the Ola cab rates will be high in peak hours during which the demand will be very high. Again the rates are depending on the type of cab that is available. Ols autos are also available and they are cheap and can be booked for short-distance travel. Again if the distance is less the taxi rate may be high.
    How the rates are calculated by these travels companies is not known. I used ola taxi long back and for the last two years, I have not used the same.
    The difference you are showing is very high. Sometimes if 2 or 3 people are trying from the same locality for a cab We noticed that there will be an increase in the rate. It is very correct that the company should not exploit the situation and the rates should be fixed on per kilometre rate.

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    I too have many issues with ola cabs which is slightly different, recently I went to Allahabad and reached there in the morning at 4.30 so I thought to book a cab to which the rider accepted the ride and was showing nearby but when I called him it was already 5 minutes and he told me to cancel the ride as he was in his home and could not pick me up. I don't get it why does he have to accept the ride if he was not nearby, and when I cancelled the cab it cost me extra 50 Rs for cancelling the ride when in actuality the driver cancelled the ride.
    As I was in a hurry so I just booked the other cab but as a customer, I felt so much cheated and decided not to go for ola in the future rather with uber. Although the next cab I booked had a decent driver and he told me under how much obligation does these drivers work to accept the ride, but he agreed that in my case the driver was at fault and should never have accepted the ride if he was not nearby.
    And this policy of ola on cancellation often seems to be misused a lot by companies since the ride takes a long time to arrive whenever the customer is in a hurry he often cancels the ride. They should not accept the ride if they are not nearby as shown on the map at least the customer will not have a false assumption of waiting for their ride.

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    When we booked the car for a popular hotel there should not refusal at the first instant.
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    These companies are working on a model of demand and supply system in which generally during the peak hours the rates will be higher and in other times rates will be lower. The interesting thing is that many times when rates are low people will feel that this is a good way to go to the other places but unfortunately they cannot go to the other places only during the lean time and people will go to other places only when it is needed like going to the airport or going to the railway station or going to someone in the evening time to enjoy with friends.
    Most of the times people will be moving in peak hours and will be paying higher amount of money and other thing is that sometimes driver will not be able to come and will ask us to cancel it in that case we should not cancel it but we should ask the driver to cancel it or if he says that he cannot cancel then while cancelling we should mention that it was cancelled because driver could not come or did not take up this job so that we should not be penalized.

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