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    Children are suffering from mobile addiction in online learning

    The recent pandemic situation has taught us many good and bad lessons. An important subject like reading has been made possible in the online system. The education chain has been able to keep the system afloat. But now that physical classroom education is slowly being introduced, a habit is being noticed among the children that they are using mobile all the time. It is being used for studying, playing various games, surfing the net, etc. I think if it continues like this, it will be very bad for their future overall physical and mental growth. What is the way out of this? Share your ideas and tips here.
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    I am in total agreement with the thought raised by the author here that children are getting addicted to phones but it has become a necessity so parents are also forced to give children phoned at an early age. But what is more dangerous is the unsupervised use of smartphones. I am not saying that a constant need of check and not believing one's own children, but what is required is a restriction to some content as the phones have the option to restrict use of content and parental control. Such tools should be used by parents for younger and teenage children as this age is very delicate for children and decides the direction of children's future.
    I have mentioned a few similar issues which I have experienced myself on the usage of phones by children for other than educational purposes like social media, on one of my forum discussions whose link I am providing here do check it if you feel so.
    Online classes phone a facilitator of changed reality.

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    It is perfectly correct. Earlier to the introduction of online classes through mobile, parents to get themselves free from the children, practiced the children by giving mobiles to them for playing. Just later, they start fearing themselves by seeing the children got addicted in mobile games and watching mobiles without break. They were in disguised position whether to remove the phones from them. After that the introduction the phones are becoming a basic need for their education. This makes them more addicted in the hours after the online class also.

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    This is the subject we all discussed many times on many platforms. There is a need for mobile phones for the students when they have to attend online classes. Before the pandemic, we are not allowing school-going children to use mobiles. but now we are forced to give them. Slowly these students are using the phone not only for attending classes for other entertainments also like playing and social media. My 2 years old granddaughter knows how to open youtube on my mobile and see videos. We have to put in a lot of effort to make her stop seeing the mobiles. This is a common issue these days in many families.
    Another problem is when the parents are using mobiles always and spending time on that. the children are also spending their time on the phone. So first of all parents should not be on phones unnecessarily. Then they can control their children.

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    Truly said by the author, as the parents does not have the control and they just part with smart phones to the children, what they are watching and doing is not exposed. While the online classes has become important and happening in their life and that cannot be avoided, there is no one to either stop or have a tab on the children moves with the cell phones. Though the Google search tab would certainly have the sites browsed in the absence of parents, even that can be deleted by the intelligent children thanks to the wrong friends and their overtures. Now the parents are cursing the pandemic and new habit of handling the phone the whole day and the studies, revision and tuition have gone for the six and the children are confident that they can ask Google to learn anything and everything in present and future.
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    Children wear already using mobile for playing games or just for entertainment before the online education was there due to the corona pandemic. That added a considerable number of hours per day for the children to glue to their mobiles. So their total indulgence in mobile became much during the online time as they were using it for online classes as well as for their individual game playing and other uses. In fact, parents had to buy new mobile phones for their children exclusively so that their online studies are not disturbed.
    This has finally made all the children more and less addicted to this mobile world and definitely this is going to block their creative activities which can only be developed in a normal environment.

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    This is indeed a dilemma and a matter of concern as it has been more than a year that the role of children is increasing in online education as well as other online activities and due to spending more and more time with the screen. Its trend is increasing, as well as it is also emerging as an addiction. Online gaming has also spread as a serious problem, many times parents or other family members themselves are busy with their work and push the children towards this habit. But they have no idea that this beginning will become a big problem later.

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