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    How to cope up with anxiety syndrome?

    Many people have experienced bouts of anxiety in their lives. Some students feel it during their exams, some professionals have it while performing, some workers may have it during the completion of a project worrying for next job, some mothers may have it when they worry for their newborn child, and like that many people will have attack of anxiety at one time or another in their lives.
    A little amount of anxiety is said to be alright because it reminds us and also prepares us and forces us to work hard to achieve our objectives but a bigger amount of anxiety is going to affect our mental peace and that also may harm us affecting our health and even the thinking process.
    It should be our endeavour to avoid the instances of anxiety as far as possible but sometimes it is inevitable and affects us. Did you have anxiety at some time in your life? How did you cope with it?
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    Anything at extremes ends up making things worse while a little amount of anxiety helps us to move towards our goals and be responsible. The higher dose of anxiety makes us restless and completely shatters our motivation for work and ends up making way for all kinds of negativity to creep into our minds.
    The key is to find a balance and if possible to minimise the anxiousness to the lowest level and not let it hamper our performance in exams, day to day life, any institution or workplace. I have seen many students falling into the trap of anxiety and even in my own experience I have done most of the silly mistakes in my exam when I was under constant pressure and due to that in constant anxiety, whereas all the exam I take with free mind without pressure often goes well.
    The best way to cope up with anxiety I think is to have faith and strong belief in one's own abilities to handle the situation and confidence in one's hard work and efforts.
    Whenever we move with confidence in any direction our anxiety levels reduce by itself It is our belief that guides us towards the way forward. So as far as I am concerned confidence and belief is the key to fighting the issue of anxiety.

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    Anxiety to some extent is essential so that we will be alert and try to complete the work as per the schedule. Some people may sit on the job till the last moment and they may fail in completing the job on time if any unexpected situation or problem comes. But too much anxiety will spoil the quality of the work. Some people try to complete it early and they never bother about the quality of the work. That is also not correct.
    As far as I am concerned, I make a plan for my work and follow the same. Once a programme is made with due discussion with all the concerned, we should expect to complete the work on time. Then I will follow up with all anxiously so that the work will be finished on time without compromising on the quality.
    My father is having this anxiety neurosis problem and he used to get shivering when he has to start a job with a feeling that he may not be able to complete. He was referred to a doctor and is on medication for the last 16 years. Once he started using those medicines he is stable and had no anxiety. The doctor says he has to use those medicines lifelong.

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    As the life goes by it also meets with fresh challenges and situations to which we are not having any control and the anxiety do occurs. For example if the family doctor while examining our body cast apprehension that some thing wrong and recommended some tests to be done immediately. Now when he used to give medicines or injections and that would have been normal practice and we would not ask any questions. But when tests are recommended, the anxiety level goes up. And being family doctor he would not make us feel more concerned but would tell that these tests are must to arrive at right guess. Now right from that time until the tests got done and the results thereof is the matter of anxiety to which we cannot escape and has to face. If the outcome is good, the anxiety ends, and if it escalates the anxiety also doubles.
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    To some extent, anxiety is essential prior to taking any assignment and a little amount of stress towards that task would help us to identify the tools essential to be taken up in performing such a job but we should not overdo the same. In practical lives we are confronted with so many issues with which we are deeply concerned often loosing our mental peace due to overthinking. A mother might be over stressed by sending her child to school by means of a school bus. However, while returning to her house, she becomes restless thinking that her son would not manage the situation effectively during his school. The bout of depression does not go so easily. This is really an imaginary situation since nothing happens as she perceived. Here we must try to balance our anxiety and should be refrained from being over stressed.

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