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    Could artificial intelligence be a threat to humans in the future?

    It is a computer system that may be in the form of Robots that can analyze something on its own and come to a conclusion based on various data sets. It is widely used in many areas including health, city management, big data house, weather, cyber security, etc. Research is also going to use this artificial intelligence technology in other areas. But this can be a threat to us. Such warning has been issued by world leaders in science and technology, including Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk also. At one point, Facebook shut it down because artificial intelligence was communicating in a language other than English in between themselves which did not understand by the Engineers of Facebook. Artificial intelligence usually uses the English language. Hence, we need to be more aware to apply artificial intelligence in all fields otherwise security may be in question. What is your opinion?
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    Speculations have always been in society before any kind of new inventions, theories and technologies and they have been mostly negative. As far as my thinking is concerned I guess artificial intelligence will definitely beneficial. It is basically mirroring human intelligence and people's fear of robots taking control of the world is a myth propagated by movies and literature for entertainment and that should be seen in that manner only.
    Otherwise, even though we don't recognise many things in the world are still operating based on artificial intelligence in big industries where machines themselves work without much supervision based on already set defined codes and computer programmes.
    And artificial intelligence is not just limited to robots which are often one of the beliefs of people but include a lot of other things like voice recognition features now getting common in many foreign countries.

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    Any new investigation will have some problems but when we are getting many benefits we can carefully manage in such a way that we will easily come out of that problems and use them positively for our benefit.
    When we are sick we may be using some allopathic medicines but they will have some negative effects also. Thinking about those side effects if we stop using those medicines, our sickness will continue. So we have to see how to overcome those side effects and continue using the medicines.
    How Artificial Intelligence works will also depend on the designer of the Robot and the designer is none other than a human being. So the person designing should think of the negative effects. if at all any is there and then take care of them at the designing stage itself.
    All developments are for the development of human life only and overcoming the threats from those developments is in the hands of human beings oly.

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    Artificial intelligence is going to be everywhere in the future and there is no escape from it. This would be a great facility for mankind but every facility has its darker side also. When everything will be done by machines and robots will be everywhere then our physical activities will decrease and eventually affect our health. People might lose their jobs also as robots will be giving a better service to the society. There could be many other setbacks and the coming times will only present the true picture.
    There will be a very strange situation in the future when the population will be more but the jobs will be done by the machines.

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    This is the important subject for the scientists and researchers to unite and tackle the problem as to how artificial intelligence can be made friendly to the humans rather threat to the mankind. Over the period of time in future the dependence on technology and modern gadgets are going to rule our life and if the new facilities prove to be hindrance and not helping the human means that is waste of time and spending on new technology would prove worst. As sought by the author the artificial intelligence need to be applied in all fields and there must concerted coordination and cooperation for which the OEM's must sit together and chart out the programs and facilities as to how best the technologies can change the mankind. One thing is sure we have to change according to the time and the technology is also bracing up.
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