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    Beware of many cheaters while we passing on roads too

    Cheaters are increasing day by day in many ways around us.

    Last week I, when waiting for bus, approached by a person who is having a small child in his hand and a lady with normal costume by his side. He asked me whether any bus is there to reach Avadi, an outskirt of Chennai. I replied him that he have to go to another bus stand for fetching bus. He further told me that, "Sir, I am working in a semi government company at Avadi (he showed an identity card - but I was not seeing it in my hurry) and lost my purse en route. I came here with my family for a function and have to return my home. Can you help me at least for bus fare for us to reach Avadi". By seeing their situation and felt that they are not seems to be beggars, I paid him hundred rupees.
    I narrated this incident to my brother on reaching home to my elder brother. He screamed and asked me the exact place I met him. I told him but my brother told me that,"Hey yesterday I met the similar person by showing some Identity card and he told me the same story to me by adding that the child was in hungry. I paid one hundred and fifty to him"
    We later realized that they have cheated us, not only us, but many on the road.
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    True. These days people are not hesitating to deceive people to get their work done. There are no ethics and morals. Their ultimate aim is to get money for their needs. This has become the order of the day.
    Many people hire children and ask them to collect money from people by begging. In the evening all the collection will be taken by them and the hire amount will be given to the parents of the children. This has become a business in many cities. People come and say that they lost money and have no money to eat also. They collect money and use it for wrong purposes. That is why sometimes I feel we should not help unknown persons by believing what they say.
    The other day one person brought some items to sell and offered them at a very low price. I got a doubt and asked where did he purchase them. He has not answered. Later on, I came to know that they will steal those times from roadside shops and sell them at a lower price.

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    From the narration shared by the author, the cheaters are selecting those persons whom they probe well in advance and sure shot of getting instant help. As the way they explain their plight, the normal persons would certainly be moved and immediately part with some money. For us we does not have the time to know whether they are genuine or cheaters, But we only know that we helped someone today and that gave the great satisfaction. Now a days cabs and autos were available on hire and can be booked online to be paid at the destination. To know the genuine case of such people, it is better to book a auto or cab to their destination and let the fare be paid at the destination and that would reveal that they are genuine people if they accept our proposal. But we may not have such thinking power emanating at that point of time.
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