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    I don't get what I want and what I get is wrong

    The vast difference between what we want and what we get has taken a place in everyone's mind. What people want today, what they want tomorrow will change again. So can't keep pace with getting for the variety of wants. The thing that he is working hard to get today, after getting it tomorrow, is losing its importance to him. This indomitable desire is disturbing them in the battle of life. So the existence of what was once a favorite should not be denied. And it is very important to be happy with what you have got. What do you think?
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    The author has raised an important behavioral pattern of life in which the expectancy are more but the results wont be forth coming. For example the student might be studying B tech and the parents may be proud that the boy would fare well and get the campus interview. For the boy eluding the class and not attending the class attentively thereby losing the education connect would not fetch him the mark desired and no campus selection. And for the parents the expectation was too high as they never got into knowing the behavior of their boy in the college. So what the author stated as the heading is exactly going to happen here. That the boy don't get what he was expecting and what the parents get in return is wrong. And being happy with what you got is not acceptable because, your happiness is very low level for the parents.
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    That is life. There is no end to the desires. Today we aim for something and we will for completing that and get what we aim for. But by the time we achieve, the item we got will become obsolete and a new model will be there in the market and our aim will change and we want to get the new model. Our struggle will continue. That is how it happens.
    Some people may be lucky. They may be getting the best one and the first one. But for the majority of the people, it is very difficult to get satisfaction. If there are no expectations and if we are happy with whatever we are getting, we will be always satisfied. But it is very difficult to be like that.
    One way it is good to have some desires, that will make us work hard and we will get a better experience and understand the lives well.

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    There is no end to our desires and it is very natural that our dream is only for our nearest ones such for our sons, daughters or any close relatives and without whom pleasure in our lives is nearly impossible. The parents go to any length for the betterment of their children and would not mind for any substantial expenses for his medical expenses. They have managed the loans to get their dreams realised. The sons living far away from their parents are aware of the inner desires of their parents that their parents have sacrificed all their passions only to save money to be utilised for their studies. The parents visit temples to take blessings so that their sons fulfil their expectations but the contrary happens because of nervousness of their kids. Thus the expectations of the parents turned into their smokes due to non fulfilment of their desires.
    However so long as we are alive our desires for betterment of our own will seldom die.

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    If people get fully satisfied with what they get then the struggle for better life would end and there will not be any excitement left. It is only when we yearn for more and more we start working, hard working, and even participating in the cut throat competitions here and there. Every time we do not achieve what we expected and that would bring sadness and desperateness in some cases but we cannot remain in that state and have to stand up for the next task on the anvil. Life is like that and that is the human nature and author has well mentioned that we do not get what we want and are also not happy with what we get.
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    A beautiful thing has been said by the author, in the journey of life, we easily find changes in wants or needs and life is not always the same, in the same way, our wants are not always the same. Time itself brings us to the turning point of this change and we find this change in our desires. This is a good way to learn to be happy in whatever you get and keep trying to get that which strengthens our desire. When we do not realize that happiness is unstable while fulfilling our desires in life, but when we learn to be happy in every situation, then we get a happy life.

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    Then you need to analyze why you haven't got what you wanted. If what you got is wrong then you need to find out the ways to get the right ones. Now if one's desire alters every moment then the person will never have any kind of satisfaction and will live a life full of anguish. Remaining happy with what you got may be superficial which I will try to explain with a couple of examples.

    Example 1: Everyone needs a particular amount of food daily for nutrition. If one eats much less than that the person will remain hungry and malnourished and won't be able to carry out any work. I am sure you will not describe the person as happy and will not suggest remaining happy with that amount of food.

    Example 2: Many boys and girls have their favourite heroines and heroes respectively and at times fantasise to have a romantic relationship with them but ultimately marry another person. Now you may say that the girl/boy hasn't got what they wanted or they got something wrong but is it a logical way of thinking? In many cases, it will be found that the desires that have logic got fulfilled and the desires that are purely emotional remain unfulfilled. In that case, I would say the best way would be to control the emotions.


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