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    When the time is short, but things happening to thwart

    When we have the ability, good intention and even the best planning at the disposal, the envisaged aims and targets could not be reached thanks to shortage of time, but things happening to thwart the task which are not in our control. It may the outside element approach to prevent the happening or the nature fury which does not want the things to happen. Though we draw the wisdom for the better performance always, but things get changed without our notice and we are back to non achiever mode and that would be more disturbing. Any comment ?
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    That is destiny. Sometimes our planning will go bad due to reasons that are beyond our control. Generally, when we have a flight we plan in such a way that we will reach the airport at least 2 hours in advance. Once I was leaving for New Delhi and the flight was at 8 PM in the evening. From my house, it will take a minimum of 90 minutes to reach the airport. So I started at 4 PM. But there was a traffic jam in between and my driver took another route. At that time ORR was not there. After going half the way in the second route again there was a traffic jam. I couldn't make it in time and I changed my booking from 8 PM flight to 10 PM flight in which luckily there were vacant seats. Like this sometimes the issues will go beyond our control and we may not be able to get the desired results within the prescribed time.
    My brother's son marriage was planned. But just 4 days before the lockdown was declared and the function was postponed at the last minute. All arrangements were made and there is some wastage of money because of that postponement.

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    When people do some task then most of them try to do it in the best possible manner and expect the results also in the same proportion. But as said - man proposes, God disposes, there are some hidden things that we never count in our calculations while estimating the results and that is where the factor of luck enters in the whole game. A student does a lot of preparation for the exam but on the exam day gets high fever and some other disorder and loses his score miserable. Whom can we blame? We reach the Railway station and find that due to some problem the train is cancelled. That is sometimes very shocking as all our other programmes also get derailed.
    That is why in our scriptures, it is very clearly mentioned that our duty is to work hard but result is not in our hands. It could be in our favour or not in favour and it will be known only in a time in future. Call it fate, luck, or destiny but there is no way to explain it.

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