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    Religion and peculiarities according to regions

    Religion is something that we think have in common with other people when we move across the country from one state to another many a time. But when we look closely, everything we think is a normal thing in a religion is not necessarily the same everywhere. For example, when I got a chance to observe the Sindhi people for the first time, I realised that how much difference is there as they don't usually celebrate Holi much and are not even much excited about Diwali.

    And sometimes what we think is most unexpected we find in other religions. Like, I thought Muslims don't wear sindoor but I came across Muslims from Odisha where it is normal for a Muslim woman to put sindoor on their forehead,

    Have you ever happened to observe anything peculiar associated with region and religion?
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    Even the religion is the same, based on the regions, there will be differences. This is observed in many places. In Hyderabad, Muslim ladies will have burkha covering the whole body. Some ladies will not cover their faces even in Hyderabad also. But in Andhra Pradesh Muslim ladies will not wear any burkha. Their clothing will be like other religious ladies only. Similarly in Andhra Pradesh, all Hindus celebrate Subrahmanya Sasti in the month of Margasira. But in Telangana that festival is not celebrated by many. In the same way, Sankranti is a very big festival in the state of Andhra Pradesh. But it is not that important in Telangana.
    Like this, there are many food habit differences and even in function celebration also we will find many differences in these two places. Similarly, within Andhra Pradesh, we will find differences between Seemandhra and Rayalaseema.

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    The author's observation is quite correct, often religion has its own special characteristics, but the place also has an effect on religion and people. We find many such people around us who are from any religion but from other social aspects and according to the time they also follow additional rituals. Religion is a lesson that teaches a person how to organize a social and family life and do good work to establish the identity of humanity, and good values ??of society also teach us this, so both religion and local influence have an effect on human life.

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    India is the land of different religions and we take much pride and trust each and every religion spread across the regions and the great thing is that we mingle and celebrate each one of the festivals and rituals according to the time demanding. Coming to the attire and following a peculiarities, it depends on the people and their broad mind attitude. For example the Muslims in Tamil Nadu do celebrate all Hindu festival in their own way and even the Muslims in Rayalseema or Guntur celebrates the Hindu festivals. And the Hindus of old city in Hyderabad do participate in the Ramzan festivities and even send the fruits to the Mosque for faiths to break the day long fasting at about 6.30 pm. So if the people want to embrace any practice, they should do so with all reverence and faith and that should not bother others.
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    There are minor differences in the ways of people from place to place within the same religion but they are of general nature. The core religion remains same as that is very deep rooted and has got a very powerful undercurrent. The author has well observed the subtle differences which are interesting but have superficial effects as far as the question of following a religion is considered.
    In every religion there are people who have blind faith in their religion while some feel themselves as cosmopolitan and do not give any cognisance to it. The religion in any case survives because of the people who have blind faith and who provoke others also for it. Further, religion becomes a very powerful weapon when it is used in a political way.
    The small differences in peoples ways of living within the same religion are a welcome measure but do not serve the bigger purpose of achieving a peaceful world.

    Knowledge is power.

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