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    Self sabotage of varied chances, why so such uneasiness

    When we are about to get into success mode, the over enthusiasm or the over zealous within us sometimes proves very costly and any small overtures made for getting out of the situation, may some time proves to be more worrisome. Self sabotage against varied chances of getting into winning combination may suddenly make us to think why so such uneasiness. The reason for this kind of syndrome that we do not have that specialized skill to get into the hold of the happening and sustain the progress. The lack of self worth makes us feel low and thinking not achieving the goal.
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    Spoiling our own chances of winning by us itself is nothing but suicidal only. We should never commit such mistakes where the winning chances will diminish and we will lose the battle. Sometimes when we are doing all good, we will become overconfident and we will forget some important issues that are to be controlled more closely. That will make us lose the race. The famous hare and tortoise race story is something similar to that only. Hare is supposed to be the winner but overconfidence cropped in and lost the race.
    Sometimes we fail to assess the strength of the opponent and underestimate him. So we may not take the issue seriously and will not do the required homework and we may lose the battle. So irrespective of strength we should be vigilant and active always to reach the goal safely. If everything is going on as planned and after putting in all our efforts also if we lose it is destiny only.

    always confident

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    There is nothing wrong in having enthusiasm and aspirations for doing some work and getting success in it. This is in fact essential as without the proper zeal and vigour how we are going to achieve it. At the same time it is also necessary that our enthusiasm should have equal support from our side in terms of knowledge and skills for doing and successfully completing that task. If there is a mismatch between the two then the element of worry will set in us and we will be in a worrisome state as we would not be sure of our efforts whether they are going to fetch us the desired result. In my opinion we should avoid such situations and assess a job or task beforehand vis-à-vis our capabilities and abilities before venturing to undertake them for achieving the desired objectives. If we take that care we can avoid the bouts of uneasiness and worry that engulfs us in such times.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Surely a person should understand his value, it is wrong to hold himself back because of underestimating himself. When we evaluate our successes and failures, then we understand ourselves better and in this way, we also get to know where and how much improvement is needed in ourselves and we take ourselves to the kit level and take ourselves. can go. Being a part of an unlimited world, we also have unlimited powers which are helpful in making us successful, we should recognize them and give value to ourselves.

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    While doing any job, it is essential to be energetic and motivated so that there is full concentration in the task which has been undertaken. To that extent, it is alright but we should not forget that that any degree of overconfidence might prove suicidal and it can impact your job. The only alternative is to be familiar with the pros and cons of the current job so that at any point we should not be confused in carrying out the assignments.
    The best way is to take command of the situation with the enhancement of our knowledge before we start any venture and should not be carried away with some comments. Confidence can be restored with the consistent practice. If that art is achieved, there would not be any worrying point in achieving success.

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