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    Actions on government servant

    I'm currently working in a Central Govt. office and applied for a post in another Central Govt. office but NOT THROUGH PROPER CHANNEL. I got selected for the new post and received offer letter to join in the new post along with my relieving order and vigilance clearance.
    1. How to get relieved from my present position as I have neither forwarded my application through proper channel nor informed my present employer about my application for the new post.
    2. What action(s) will be initiated against me by my present employer for not submitting the application through proper channel.
    3. Whether I will be relieved by the present employer with all benefits so as to join new post.
    4. Should I inform my present employer regarding my selection in new post.
    5. Should I simply resign the present post without informing the present employer about my new offer and join new post.
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    Generally, a government employee has to submit his application to a new post through the proper channel only. Normally, it will be a must. But you said you have applied directly without informing the present employer and your application has been accepted and you got the appointment. Did you mention in that application about your job in the other government office. If you have mentioned that and your application is processed means you need not worry. You can resign to the present post as per the rules mentioned in your appointment and letter and get relieved. Once you get the relieving certificate you can join the new organisation.
    There is no need to tell the present employer where you are going to join if you are resigning and getting relieved as per the terms and conditions of your employment.
    The whole issue will depend on the terms and conditions that are mentioned in your present organisation's appointment letter.

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    First of all accept my congrats for having two govt jobs in hand when others not even getting one by chance. Now coming to problem of getting relieved from the present position, you have done a wrong thing that without informing the present employer you are putting yourself into catch 22 situation. And the present employer can take action and may not relieve you because proper channel was not followed and leaving in huff the govt service is not allowed nor tolerated. While the govt benefits whatsoever may not stop, but agreeing to relive you may be great question. You already made late not informing the present employer and make it fast . Now that you already have another job, taking harsh decision of resigning can also be done, but be ready to face any departmental inquiry for tendering the resignation.
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    Sir, I have mentioned in my application about my present post and number of years I work in my present office. I need to submit my relieving order and also vigilance clearance issued by the present employer at the time of joining into new post. As per GoI rules, I should have informed my present employer about my application for the new post or should have routed my application through proper channel which I have not done. If I declare / mention the reason to my present employer, I'm worried departmental inquiry may be initiated against me. In that case, I may not get vigilance clearance from my present employer. What to do.

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    You are the best decision taker in this situation. Having so much fuss over relieving the present employer, its better to stay back in the job and reject the new job for your good only.
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    You can not join the new job without submitting details from your past employer, because you have been selected for the post based on your past experience under the situation of employment. So if you really want to join your new job you must submit the necessary information to your HOD before your interview date. So write a letter on the day before your interview date and submit it to the despatch section of your existing department on that date if possible. And talk to your HOD for a favour in this respect for your career prospect. I think he will provide all the required documents. Otherwise, you have to stay in your existing post in the existing department.
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    The rules and regulations of the next employer has to be followed at all the costs. If your next employer is insisting on routing your application through the proper channel and your relieving order of the past employer is to be submitted along with the vigilance clearance, the same is to be followed.
    The alternative way is to apprise of the next employer that you can join their organisation straightway through the process of resignation tendered to the present employer and forgoing the benefits of the past services of the present employer along with other monetary benefits. It would all depend upon the organisation where you are likely to join. They might be accepting your terms. However, you will be deprived of the benefits which otherwise you could have availed by routing your application through the proper channel.

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    You are in a difficult situation. But there are ways to come out of that. If you have not mentioned about your present job in your application for the new position in the other department then you do not need any relieving certificate. Even then you will be asked to provide a character certificate which you can give as per your earlier credentials that is before joining the present job. It could be a certificate from your college or even the earlier employer if there was one.
    In case you have mentioned your present job in the application then they will definitely require a NOC from you which you have to get from your present department. In that case you have to request the authorities in the present department saying that as the both are Govt departments you did not think it necessary to apply through proper channel and were ignorant of that rule but are ready to accept the decision that the present authorities want to take in this matter. They can very well look at the case with a sympathetic attitude also but you have to be honest in your approach without hurting them. First meet the top boss and then follow his instructions. There is nothing to hide as you have not done a crime but a mistake is a mistake and until they forgive you, nothing would work.

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    You did the wrong thing. It is not correct to apply without informing the present employer when you are supposed to send the application through him. Now without getting relieving letter and NOC, the new government office will not allow you to join.
    Now what I suggest you is to meet your present boss personally and accept your mistake. Then request him to arrange for the relieving letter by accepting your resignation. If he accepts that and releases, you can join in the new job. The vigilance department will also ask your office only and if your boss says you got relieved by fulfilling all the requirements you will not face any problem. WIthout a proper relieving letter definitely your employer is not going to allow you to join in the new job and you will be at a risk.

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    Our members have already responded in detail. Being a government servant, you are bound to follow the rules laid down and violating them will surely invite administrative/ disciplinary proceedings against you. You may either proceed further if you think you have a valid and satisfying explanation for your action or continue in the same department without asking for more trouble. I suggest you consult a lawyer who is an expert in service matters so that your career is not affected. All the best!
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