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    Indian Population started decreasing

    National Family Health Survey–5 data is just released. As per this survey report, the total fertility rate of our country in 2019-21 was 2. It was 2.2 five years ago and 3.2 in 1998-99. The total fertility rate (TFR) is steadily coming down. Sikkim has the country's lowest TFR at just 1.1. The decrease is very high in Ladakh and the TFR has come down to 1.3 from 2.3 of earlier survey.

    It should be a minimum of 2.1 to have the same number of deaths and births(replacement rate) and to maintain the population steadily. That means that the Indian Population started declining. It is a welcome feature. In the coming days, it may further come down. It is a good trend and slowly the population may come down substantially.
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    Very good news in deed. The total fertility rate has gone down and the figures show that Indians were thinking twice before producing the children. But what I feel that during 2019 and 21 the country was facing through the worst crisis of pandemic and most of them stay put in the house and the mental illness was more and they cannot think of enjoyment as they were losing the near and dear ones due to virus cause and the life existence was in peril. In that case thinking of enjoyment and having children was sternly postponed it seems according to me. And the unemployment that was dogging since the pandemic has made the new couples to postpone their family planning to later years as they want to exist as two now. And the decrease of population in Ladakh is very surprising that cold climate should trigger high population.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Decline of the population was attributable to multiple causes and the first reason for the same being the prevailing fear factor of the people with their affliction of corona. This fear was so dominant that the couples decided to defer any conception during this crisis. Moreover there was colossal loss of the people by way of their losing jobs due to slackness of demand of the produced products from the industries. Expenditures on the domestic front could not be curtailed substantially but expectations of earnings nosedived. All these factors compounded their frustrations and the couples might have taken decisions to defer the planning of parenthood. We will have to watch the growth rate of the population once this phase is over.

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    I do not think that the fertility rate under the present situation will affect the population in India's context. Generally, when the rate is below 2.1 it is said that the population may be decreased subject to many factors. But over 2.1 will lead to a higher population sign. So as per UN population projection, the Indian population will go up to 1.65 billion in 2059 and after that from 2060 onwards population will start falling.
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    I think this is something to be celebrated at the current rate country is already suffering from the problem of unemployment is unable to provide everyone with what they really deserve.
    And despite many population control measures taken in the past India was failing but now since people are themselves aware of family planning and have kids when they really are financially stable change is coming and it should be appreciated.
    I read that with this fertility the older generation will not be able to replace itself and this is not something to be sad about in a country with a huge population, where measures like the one-child policy are being considered for population control.

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    The survey also revealed one more starling information that the males are less and females are more. That means in future the grabbing game of getting alliance of any nature would be the criteria and there cannot be selective and too much going in details while doing a selection of groom in the arranged marriage. For example there is clear cut shortage of about 130 to 140 males per 1000 females and this would lead to alarming check of male availability in future and I fear even dowries would play major role and the parents of the girl would be forced to shell out money for getting the groom. It is the fact for the past many years recently the birth of girl child was more and the birth of male child was less and hence this difference all over the country would pose for greater demand of grooms and that would be hell task.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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