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    Modern day private libraries, can we really call them Libraries?

    If a person is asked about a library, the first picture that pops into his/her mind is of big halls full of big wooden and glass cases filled books and a number of people reading books deeply into the books with focus only and only on the book.
    But with the new century, a new decade and new technology even this concept has been changed a lot and I guess many elder people who have not visited this library might not even be aware of this. Now the libraries we have in big cities are completely different they are not about the books but just about the silent space that you will buy for focused studies. Based on the number of hours you have to study and the amount you will pay you will have a cabin-like place in the library where you have to bring your own books and study by yourself. And they will charge you for the amenities like WIFI, AC and Newspapers but no books in these libraries.
    You will find advertisement and hoardings of these libraries in any area where there are coaching for various government jobs.
    So this evolved and the private library is basically a rented space for focused study and nothing else. But students pay huge sums of money every month on an hourly basis be it 6 hrs,8hrs,12hrs and 24 hrs. It is such a great business idea if you have a house in an area where there are a lot of students. What is your take on these libraries?
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    What the author has been talking about is not the library but a hired space for reading to which one need not spend and better go home or hostel for the same. I have also seen that many enthusiastic house owners who are not getting the occupation for letting out are turning the room as the reading room and the college students who does not have time to read in the class and do so in the room and that is completely pin drop silence and no talking allowed. But spending money for studying own book at the hired place is nothing but escalating the wasteful expenditure. Especially those who are doing the BiPC course are opting for these rooms and they go home late stating that college has conducted extra classes. But how they are managing the money to pay rent is the question to which I wonder always..
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    These days our library is our laptop with an internet connection. We are having e corners where you can go and sit before a desktop and use it for your search and study. Some may call them cyber cafes. These are all virtual libraries. But physical libraries are available these days. There are many big libraries where we can go sit and read. Each district headquarters is having a district library where we will get a number of books on various subjects and journals. Each Mandal headquarters will have a library. Of course, these are public libraries. There are some private libraries also where we will get many books and all facilities to sit and read.
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    These are new business ideas that the innovative people are inventing to start a new business. I have seen some places where they are renting the small place equipped with basic facilities for a business meeting of people. Nowadays many people are working from home and if there is some meeting where physical presence is required then instead of calling the people in the house they are hiring that space for a few hours and then doing their discussions and coming back. So this concept of library is also like that and it provides a space to the student or a group of students who want to study in an isolated environment either singly or in a group. But if they charge more amount for that, I do not think that it is going to be viable business proposition. Every student cannot afford such luxuries.
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