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    Have "Knack" in life for great happiness

    Yes the Knack of life depends on how the word is used in the abbreviated form. "K"- Kind to yourself and be kind to others, that would make the eventful happenings because you will not yearn any enmity. "N" Nature of your behavior must be acceptable to all and you cannot impose your terms on others. "A" acceptance of your deeds is the most important and that amply proves your character of selflessness. "C" Care and compassion to others would not only bring so close to others, and you are regarded the best ever among the lot. "K"Kindness would rekindle even the enemy to change the mind and that would be far reaching attitude of a best person
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    A good meaning for the abbreviation of KNACK is given by the author. One should be kind always with all others as well as to himself also. One should understand the importance of his body. If there is no body to you, you are not there. Any problem to your body you will not have happiness in your life and you have to make rounds to the doctor. So we all should be kind to our body and we should maintain the same properly and take care of it by all means.
    Doing good deeds and being tolerant of others will also make you happy. These qualities will come to you only when you are good and kind to others.
    If a person is in a problem and if you ignore him it is not human. So we have to be kind to other people and we should help them in case of any need,

    always confident

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    This is a really beautiful way as the author has redefined every letter of a word and given a message. This author's work is really commendable. With various good messages, the author has told how we should live this life by adopting some good values ??in life. The meaning of living life is not only that we should give full focus in life only for the form which we are living, but even afterlife we ??should adopt such a life that we can maintain our identity. When we live for others, we get the happiness of many lives in one life.

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