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    By accepting monetary gain, are we compromising our own character?

    Some times due to our need for money to address commitment when we approach someone for help, they try to exploit our weakness and urgency and thereby induce to do wrong things for their favor but it does mean character assassination for us. By accepting monetary gain we have thrown all our good deeds of the past and just to go through the present crisis of wanting money we may agree to wrong doing, are we compromising our own character? And when we probe ourselves, we tend to hate what has been done. Any comment ?
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    Very nice post by the author. Yes, so-called people are always looking for what they need and what they can take advantage of instead. Once you step into their trap, you will never get out. So I think to let your true situation know in your office if there is an official solution. But once you realize that whoever you want will do something wrong to you, then never compromise with your conscience. Because honesty doesn't come in one day, don't let the hard work you put in to get rid of it go so easily! So if you do not look for alternatives, you will not be able to answer yourself in later, because this world is very cruel under many such situations.
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    We should not expect money from others for no reason. If we are doing any service to them and if they are paying for the service, it will not be the wrong thing. For example, if we are cooking and supplying food to somebody on a payment basis, it will not be the wrong thing.
    But if we are doing something which is illegal and getting money from others. it is never acce[table. That will come under corruption and corrupt practices are not acceptable and if the person is caught he will be liable to get punished. So we should not indulge in such practices.
    A person who is honest may never accept such things. Even in difficult times, he will try to manage in a proper way only and only people who have greed may go for such things.

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    There is a meme/quote I saw recently on social media which said "Respect among your relatives and neighbours is decided by the amount of money your father has", No matter how much we be emphasising the big joint family and cooperation among people and neighbourhood ultimately money is definitely a factor in one's position in the society. The more you have more people around you show respect even if it is fake and just for gains.
    And similarly, lack of money puts a person in a precarious position where one feels like he/she is compromising his/her self-respect by asking for money. And it is true also in case the person from whom one is seeking money might remind him of the favour later.
    Rarely does it happen that people do good with good intentions without showing favours.

    Another quote I remember for this situation is that " Problem comes for few days but the favour stays for life". So one should try to take monetary help from only those who will not remind him/her of the favour in future. And such people in my view can only be parents and children and all other monetary exchanges can later take shape of ugly dispute in the later future.

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    When we need money and ask someone for it then he would not be giving it to us so easily just on our request. He would be assessing the pros of cons of that transaction and if he is the real gainer out of that then only he would lend us that amount. If he asks us to do a wrong thing and in the lure of that loan we do it then we are deceiving ourselves and moreover we are taking a risk if the bad deed is identified later then we would be facing some punishment by the law or condemnation by the society. It is better to refrain from such loans.
    Further, why should we take loan from others? Cannot we keep our expenses and other indulgences within our limit? Tomorrow if the situation deteriorates and we are not able to repay that loan then what would happen to our reputation? Loan is not a solution to our problems. The solution lies in controlled and disciplined living.

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    Instead of saying monetary gain, the author should have used the word bribe. When it is a monetary gain, it must be a bribe. No one gives a bribe for nothing. They try to extract some favor from you. Once a bribe is accepted, the character has gone. Initially, taking a bribe may hurt the feelings but once habituated, no such feelings will be there.
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    When the money sought for our urgent needs, that cannot be bribe but timely help.
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    We are influenced with our family culture which has taught us not to accept money without doing any work for the party. Asking money without the actual work would treated as a kind of corruption. This has been taught to us from our early days of childhood. Again in some families, it has been taught not to accept any money in the form of begging since such a deed would spoil our own peace. If the money taken from a known source is a kind of loan, it is not justified. We should not go beyond our income and any loan taken from others is definitely a bad taste. Even the man providing us loans on humanitarian ground would hesitate next time in extending such help.

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    True. In one Tamil film hero was acting as a famous instrument musician and due the rivals activities he came down to the poor level and living in a village with his wife. On one occasion, his old fans remembered him , came to the village and invite him for starting a musical instrument competition. He with much hesitation accepted. Everybody went out with satisfaction. Wife of her tell reminded him why didn't he ask some money for conveyance as they are in a needy situation. He, hero, understood the stress and proceed to the bus stand even without chapel. While yet to board into the bus stairs, he happened to hear their talkings. One of them told others,'we have to give some advance money to that Sir, as he seems to be struggling for money.' Other person replied,'No, no. It is good we had not extended any advance. He is a person lived in very well status and if we offer any advance, it is insult to his prestige'.
    By hearing their words he silently returned home and tell his wife,'the prestige of one itself kill him if he happened to expect others when he come down'.
    This word always remembered by me.

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