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    Caring from both sides is required in making a relationship prosperous

    Any relationship whether it is husband and wife, or parents and children, or employer and employee, or between two friends, can survive and flourish only when due care and concerns are present from both the sides. One sided relationship has a short age and it cannot be sustained for a long period. Most of the conflicts and misunderstandings are created in the relationships where proper contributions for its survival from each side are in imbalance and one of the participants starts feeling that enough is enough. Do you also believe that both sides have to be caring for one another with almost the same intensity and then only the relationship will be flourishing and prospering?
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    Aptly said by the author that both sides must have the thinking capacity to understand each other so that with broad mind they can get along and leave the small face offs that occur now and then and one mus put the egoistic approach at the back of them and proceed to win the situations as it comes. The understanding of wife and husband, always goes with give and take policy. the understanding of parents and child goes with friendship attitude and there cannot be over controlling of the child for petty reasons. And the relation between the employer and employees goes with performance report and one step ahead of employer expectations and that would pave way for good and solid relations between the two. And those who understood this intricacies are the winners all the way and they prospered than others.
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    We were lucky to have got the affection of our mother and during my childhood I felt it is one sided love from her side and in return, she lacked the reciprocality of the same emotion from my side. However, such an unconditional love is always not forthcoming unless both the parties are equally eager to maintain such a cordial relationship. This concept is applicable in all our relationships.
    Now coming to the relationships of husbands and wives, the bondage of love would be smooth if there is an emotional understanding between the two. The wive would not mind for her involvement in the different activities done in her household if she gets mental support from her husband. To have a strong bonding, the husbands should see that her grievances are resolved amicably so that such a bond is not distorted. Fulfilment of the expectations is the main point for the sustenance of the relationship.
    The employer would be happy when the rated targets are achieved and in turn the employees would expect a better reward in the form of monetary incentives for their dedicated efforts.

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    Balance is what the whole nature is about be it any area, even love can not remain untouched from this balance. When the scale of balance shifts more towards one side it will always be disheartening for the person giving more love and not receiving it in the same amount. Although feelings like love can never be enforced it always comes from the heart and the first step towards loving someone is having respect and care for them, their boundaries, their insecurities and their problems. But if we can't love and care for someone in such a selfless manner we should at least try to respect their efforts and show some love and respect towards the person.

    I think the most selfless kind of love is of a parent towards the child no matter how irresponsible, careless and self-centred, the child is parents still can't see his/her pain but the child to understand that love after a certain point so even if balance initially seem tilted but at some point of time, it gets at the correct point.
    Even in marriage, that scale has to be worked out especially during the marriages in the old times when most marriages were arranged. But if someone loves the other person this balancing becomes a little easier as the care flows naturally from the heart without much effort.

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    My mother used to say, '"if anything touch the eyes are hurting more than but touching eyebrow" Similarly close persons can only advise, suggests if we err others do just watching to pass critic. Husband only can tell the wife when she err or go beyond and similarly a wife. They do this only on behalf of the family dignity and not on any prestigious issue.

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    Sound will come only when two hands meet for clapping. If only one hand moves no sound. Then moving only one hand for getting sound is of no use as the desired output will not come. The same is the case with one-sided caring. When one person caring for better relations and the other side is not showing any such symptoms, the relation will not progress in the desired way. All the efforts will be futile in such a case. As a matter of fact, as an individual, I prefer to like a person who likes me. I care for the person who cares for me. I never like to be in the company of people who never care for me. I strongly feel that there is no use caring for the people who never care for us or like us.
    Mutual respect and caring for each other will make a couple successful in their married life. I have seen many such couples who live for each other.

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    Agree with the author, not in one specific relation but all relation needs efforts from both parties then only a healthy relationship comes into the existence. If we look at the relation of a teacher and students, the first responsibility would be a teacher to teach their students in every possible manner so that the knowledge can share with right way but at the same time the responses and hard work from students are also needs for sharing the knowledge. There are many more relationships that can not lead without caring from both sides.

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