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    Superiority complex is awful and it must stop

    We are born equal to share our problems and happiness with each other. We live together to understand and help each other in difficult times. The idea of superiority is awful and nasty and it only degrades a person for considering himself superior to others. In society, some people are needy and are always dependent on others for basic things. It is the responsibility of a better-off person to share some joy with these needy people and bring happiness on their faces. Let's not boast of being wealthy, instead, shun ego and superiority complex which demean others. Govt. should also take care of the needy people who are financially weak. Humans are born equal, there is no superior or inferior. Let's help each other and fill everyone's life around with happiness.
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    As long as the human beings exist the difference between the superiority and the dowdrodden would certainly exist and because of this huge disparity the thriving of rich happens. That is why I wonder as to there are hutments area beside the rich people houses. In Hyderabad there is a place called Ameerpet, where all rich people live and beside that there is Garib Nagar, where all the labor class lives. For every rich house, the servants and maids need to work and they come from these poor colonies. So the govt never thought to improve the standards of those who are bound to work for the rich and the life goes on as none thought about this. I do not think there can be equality even between the superior and inferior persons and though initiative must have been done the grab game by rich would prevent that happening.
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    Some people get superiority complex because of some false understanding in their minds about their money or position and other such things in their lives. They feel that they are having all the facilities and are surely above the poor and downtrodden who are suffering. These people have a false pride and instead of helping the poor and other needy people they will simply show off their wealth and position and feel good about it. It is definitely in a bad taste and and in my opinion it is a disgusting situation. A person doesn't become great just by having money and position. He is respected and admired by others only when he is willingly come out and help the society and people in their progress and development. No one is superior and no one is inferior, it is a false notion.
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    It is never desired to have a superiority complex. We all come here alone with empty hands and go back with empty hands only. Once we are gone there is no identity for us. Nothing in this life is permanent. Today you are having money but tomorrow what is going to happen we don't know. So seeing the money and the assets we have if we think we are superiors, is the starting of your downfall. So neve has the superiority complex. Basic requirements for all human beings are the same and we should never think that we are special.
    Be human always. See yourself in the position of the other person. When you are in that position what will be your reaction. Think in that way and try to help the needy. Tomorrow you may require help from others. So have a soft corner towards the other people and try to help and see that they will be happy and God will definitely help you on some other day when a need comes.

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    Let us not forget that every human being want to lead their life peacefully and if we develop some sort of superiority complex because of our huge possessions, it would mean that we are not considering the other tragic events which we might face in the next moment including sad demise of our nearer and dear ones. Such incidents are not uncommon when we see our lives in the real perspectives. If such things are to occur for which we were not prepared at all, what is the relevance of such a superiority complex? Let us follow such a path of life where we all are the single creature of God serving one another for the attainment of peace. In this process, if we could help a child of marginalised family by supporting the child with some resources for purchasing the books and other related stationeries and ultimately he secures a prestigious job with his consistent efforts, it would be a matter of satisfaction of both the donor and the struggling child.

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    The author is absolutely right, thinking of yourself as superior can become a really bad and negative situation, which can become a problem for oneself. When we do something we do It full of dedication and with the same dedication we give our hundred percent and this is the reason to get success but it does not mean that we should think of ourselves as superior to others and start behaving badly or proudly. When we are able to help others we should do the same so that others also grow their future with a successful career or life.

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