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    A tactical way of responding- What do you feel?

    Many people keep commenting on others. It is not a good trait. But it is more unethical to pass a comment about someone in their absence.

    A cine actress filed a divorce suit against her husband who is also a famous cine actor. The case came to the court of law and on the day of judgement, both of them came to the court. People from the press side assembled before the actor asking many questions. Lastly, they asked what he disliked on his wife side that led to the divorce. He simply replied, 'She is, till now, my wife. I cannot comment on her, it is a pure family matter'. By telling this he went inside the court and Judge declared their divorce. The actor came out and the press people assembled before him again and asked the same question. The actor replied, 'Judgement has been given, now she is no one to me and commenting on another person is wrong'. By telling this he stepped into his car and drew away.

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    The actor is very shrewd and cleverly answered the journalists and escaped from them. Why these journalists are interested in other personal matters. I agree with the author that we have no right to comment on somebody else in which we have no say. If you know the person well and if you feel he is doing a mistake, talk to the other person and try to explain to him and give him a piece of your mind so that he will understand your point of view. Instead of doing that talking bad of him when he is not there or even in his presence is not correct and it is none of your business.
    Many times we hear somebody commenting badly about others in their absence. We should not encourage such people. The same people may also talk badly of you with others in your absence. Everybody is having their own problems and the time is not really sufficient to solve them. As such why should we worry about others and their problems?

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    The incident and happening given by the author suggest that the actor seems to be wrong and that lead to the divorce for sure and by putting more against the episode he does not want to drag more bad name otherwise the maintenance amount promised would be hiked by the court. But coming to the point of making comments on others, if the remark is healthy and useful for the other person life to mend and lead a good life hence after, then it can be taken in right spirit. But some people make rave remarks and not the right comment which is nothing but gossiping and that has no credence at all, By the way if we make wrong comments that is nothing but character assassination which is very bad. That is why the comments coming against on any person or the matter is taken very seriously and debated in depth on social media.
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    If we mark the behaviour of the actor before the journalist, the actor replied intelligently though the journalist might not have been satisfied with such a crisp reply. The actor had different answers in two different situations ie before and after the divorce. In fact, the journalist wanted to know the cause leading to their divorce but the way the actor answered the query, the real cause of their separation remained mystery. I don't understand why some people remain so much interested to know the personnel lives of others. It is really a bad taste to comment on others without knowing the actual facts. Hence the journalist was interested to know the real issue.

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    Often we see that the media makes every effort to bring the life of actors in front of society and this is the reason that the actors class present their cases in a diplomatic way. The way this actor responded very intelligently, is really commendable because this statement also gives a lesson to the people that how we can stop ourselves from saying anything wrong or bad. Many times the situation becomes such when we start speaking badly even without wanting to and our condition gets worse. Talking less is always beneficial.

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