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    Are we really respecting our constitution?

    On the other day, there was news that a Pakistani bowler injured a Bangladesh batsman. The batsman hit a ball from the bowler to six. The bowler was unhappy. The next ball was played defensively. The bowler took the ball and thrown at the batsman forcefully. This indicates that the bowler is not respecting the rules of the game. He deserves punishment. He might have respected the rules of the game and followed them in true spirit.

    In the same way, we all citizens of India are also having some rules which are to be followed and they are clearly mentioned in our constitution. As long as we all follow them, there will be peace in the country and we all will progress. But the question is that are we really respecting the constitution and following the rules?

    The unruliness among the people is increasing day by day and that indicates many of us are not having respect towards the constitution and we will try to get our work done somehow. Is it correct? Let us all follow the constitution and progress and allow others also to progress.
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    The author made good comparison of a badly behavior of Pakistan bowler who not only displayed the rude behavior but also fell with disgrace from the eyes of the fans. Games has to be played in true spirit and one must have the magnanimity to hail the opposite player or the team for the good performance. And having a dig at those who are not respecting the constitution and for some the rules are just rules and they are not going to abide because the power that may be would be safeguarding the interest. This kind of over confidence would not tolerated and those does not respect the constitution then they're not eligible to be called as citizen of India and they can be treated as criminals on par. No doubt our constitution may be old and may not suit to this generation but for that there are proper format to represent and request for change
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    I agree with the author, the importance of the constitution of our country is in the whole world because it is the largest written constitution. It took about two years to make this constitution and every effort was made by the then Lok Sabha members or constitution-making committees. Making the Indian Constitution was a big challenge which our politicians did well. But today we are having to discuss the respect of the same constitution because we are seeing how not only the general public but also the officers and other politicians sitting in high positions are violating the constitution even considering it as a witness. The constitution is not about just some rules or regulations or laws but it is a mirror of what one country should do and what it should be doing. One should understand the value of our constitution that has been made after a deep study of other countries' constitutions.

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    Our constitution is a guiding force for our democracy. If we want that our country should progress and prosper like a good democratic country then definitely we must follow our constitution. If there is something in the constitution which requires a change then the parliament will do it in the due course of time and change it accordingly to fit with the modern times. Unfortunately, there are some evil elements in our country who twist the interpretation of constitutional clauses and take advantage in the garb of it. We should not fall in the trap of these people because they are doing things in illegal ways by misleading the other people with the wrong interpretation of constitution.
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