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    Making a fashion statement at the work place, is that really needed ?

    In the office if the staff members are more and the company works in three shifts, surely the male and female employees in higher positions would be eagerly waiting for their turn of making fashion statement through their new outfits and should become trendy and talk of the office for the day. If the occasion was a festival or the company formation day, then making a fashion parade was needed and that would be appreciated, but purchasing new clothes just to please for the purpose of obtaining others praise is something not understandable to many. Are they really need to show off their fashion mania to others ?
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    Showing efficiency at the workplace is more important than all other things. How you work matters more than your physical look. Of course, one should have a decent look and clean but there is no requirement of wearing fashionable dresses etc. In many offices, a uniform code of dressing will be prescribed and all the employees should follow that code. The deviation is not acceptable in many organisations. In some other organisations, uniforms will be given by the management and employees should wear that uniform only.
    On some special occasions, some celebrations will be conducted in the office on that people may come in different dresses and on that people can make their own fashion statements and can try to appear cute.
    In our factory, all the employees were wearing uniforms on working days. On August 15th, we used to have a special meet and all the employees used to come in colourful dresses and sometimes we are unable to recognise some employees in those dresses.

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    One's fashion sense might be somebody else's show-off. Some people love to eat good food. Some people love to read. Some people love to sing or dance. Likewise, some people love to dress up. They love to buy new clothes or fashionable attires and dress up. Some will love to put on makeup irrespective of their gender. But that doesn't mean they are doing it to be praised by others. They are doing what they love. We should not be narrow-minded to judge somebody else when they do what they love. There would be some exceptions in every case. But not everyone wants any approval from others. They are buying clothes with their hard-earned money, right? In the IT industry irrespective of the superiority or role in the company, everyone will be dressed up as they wanted but only based on the company policy guidelines. Is it necessary to have a discussion about choosing a style of dress that suits their interests?

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