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    It is difficult to survive when hunger knocks the belly

    Food is a vital element for human beings to survive a life. Without proper food and water, it is difficult to work and survive life. People leave their houses to earn their livelihood but without a livelihood, it is difficult to move out and work. Due to the covid pandemic, people have suffered immensely where they had to struggle to get food and other necessities. And when everyone has suffered, the struggle of a poor man become double than those of the wealthy and the middle-class families. When hunger knocks the poor belly, the feeling gives me goosebumps that how a poor lad would be managing the hunger in the family. There are many poor people in the country who due to hunger every year. So, everyone in the country has the responsibility to look around and see nobody sleeps hungry and contribute in whatever way to keep poor families intact in society!
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    In India, there is no shortage of poor and suffering people even since 40 years it is counted under a developing country. You can notice on the most corner side of the road there is slam house resident of thousands of poor people. In every temple area, populated area there are beggars. I think they could know the pains and sufferings of hunger. So when you himself suffer such a situation, you could understand the actual pain to survive. The pain of hunger often makes a person inhuman but I think it is normal for him. Because the most important thing is human survival. Therefore, everyone should take a lesson from it that the government of the country has to take their employment measures to provide the necessary food and shelter for the survival of those people. The administration needs to be more aware and humane in this regard. Because most people have no address, many are suffering from mental illness, so it is very important for the government and the people to stand by them by extending the hand of humanity.
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    Probably this thread would win the award for this week as the author has hit upon the point that when the hunger knocks our belly we cannot withstand the same and would be wanting to eat immediately to suffice the needs. Suddenly the thoughts goes to those days where we have seen people have been caught off guard that they lost their well earned jobs, the labors were asked to leave without even settling their dues, and all these happened so suddenly as the lock down was enforced, the labors who were habituated to buy and cook on daily earned salary are the worst hit and one could see they were walking miles together to reach their destination, as no transport was available and nothing to afford to eat. Yes that was the pathetic condition for the poor and even today many are struggling for two square meals.
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    Yes, the covid situation in India have thrown many people who were in the lower middle class into below poverty line and who were already below poverty lines on the margins not able to earn even meal for three times. The lives of daily wage earners got worst hit by the pandemic. Even the initial video footage of people migrating during the first wave of covid were heart-wrenching and showed the reality behind all the big facts and figures of India moving towards the category of developed nation. In the beginning, everyone came forward and tried their best through donation at their personal level and in the PMcares fund but now this has become a normalised reality also. So people rarely seem to care other than about their life and well being. We are already seeing the worst crisis and still waiting for the third wave to hit, I think we should do our best to help out people around as the author has suggested and government should also be prepared well in advance.
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    In Tamil there is a saying,"pasi vanthaal paththum paranthu pogum" which means if hungry comes to a belly nothing could be attracted and nothing seems to be important. An Assistant Stores Manager was in our company, who took the whole half an hour lunch time as he was bringing a good volume of tasty food and used to eat calmly. One day for getting clarification his manager was waiting by finishing his lunch earlier. But this person came exactly when the lunch hour over. Manager with some raised voice asked why did not he come just early. He replied, 'sir! you ask me to sit for overtime after office hours, I will do but do not interfere in my lunch hour as I am interested to eat well and I do not want to waste a bit I brought. But I will never took a minute over the lunch hour'. I am seeing some people overcome their hungry but working in the lunch hours also. But it is not correct.

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    First thing which is necessary for our survival is food. It is unfortunate that there are many people in our country or in the world not getting even this basic requirement of their lives. It is also true that during coronavirus pandemic, things deteriorated further and many people lost their jobs and there was a big problem of survival for them.
    A person can only work or contribute when he has taken his food otherwise he will be in a very bad situation feeling hungry and desparate for food. There are some people in the society who are well off or rich and time-to-time help the poor people by arranging some food packets or other such help to these needy people. But this will be more effective when many people start doing such kind hearted practice.

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    Food is very essential for all living beings. Plants will die if there is no enough water, sunlight and carbon dioxide. similarly, a human being will die in the absence of oxygen and food to eat. Nature is kind enough to give us free oxygen. But there is no free food. We have to struggle and get our food.
    When we see a person who is hungry we should offer him food without even waiting for him to ask us. If we have limited food only with us we should be ready to share the same with the person who is starving for food. That will make him continue his living. That is why people say that donating food is the best donation you can make.
    We all should inculcate the habit of not wasting food. There are many people on this earth dying starving for food. Try to donate food to the people who are really suffering from hunger so that we will be blessed with food through out our life.

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    We have had a worst period some months back when the entire country was reeling under the fear of corona and its daily figure was quite alarming. A lot of employed people were shown to door by the many management. That was the time for the people to show their patience when their own family- members were in grip of hunger. Family head could not see his children crying due to crisis of food. This period has taught a lesson how the food can be utilised in a better way so that the people around us are not deprived of foods in any situations.
    Whenever we come across such people hungry for days we should offer them foods without making any delays. Though there are different ways of donations but donating food is the best way since we get their blessings after their full meals. However we must ensure that no food - grain is wasted from our end during the different stages of its preservation.

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    Hunger is a state which everybody faces every day and he /she needs some edible item to come out of this condition and unless a hungry person gets something to eat he /she remains restless. Being hungry reminds us to be needful and considerate about our fellow hungry guys. How many people have edible items to kill their hunger? We don't know nor we are sensitive to feel its impact on others who have no accessibility to edible items three times a the day. A few months ago a Hunger Index report was shared on social media and sadly India's status is not very good regarding this problem.
    Nobody can stay hungry if each of us is considerate about our fellow human beings.
    Perhaps we are too much rngrossed in out own world where we have no place for others.
    I appreciate the author for raising this thread. A humane always worries about his/her fellow human being if found in any problem.

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    This is true, there are many people around us who may not get food on daily basis even sometimes many days. It is sad when we find that people are dying due to hunger and either is just looking for it to happen by being spectators. We are lucky to have food and in fact very lucky if we are able to provide food to other hungry people too, so if we are really capable we should do this. A hungry person can understand the value of food and that is why when you feel hungry think that there are many people who are hungry for a long time and waiting for help from your side.

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