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    We should believe that a super power over us

    I have seen one advertisement for mosquito repellent that a school boy telling his mother that 'our father (police inspector) tells every frightened to see him but no mosquitoes..'
    This may be a joke but in the real sense nobody can eradicate such insects, sound giving frogs in the rainy hours.
    By seeing the enormous sounds of frogs when raining and we are unable to contole or eradicate it is to believe some super power above us.
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    The author has raised a observational happening amidst us and it is the fact that we are unable to control many things which are against the thought process of human beings because we are either not aware of the same nor we are not concerned about its eradication. As regards comparison of police to that of mosquito repellent, that was the funny ad to which I got wondered as to why the Police department never lodged complaint for demeaning them. And during rainy seasons the frog breeding is too much and they get multiplied in days and thus those who are residing near ponds or lake are bound to face the sounds of frogs always and it is also the fact that frogs get into their own trap of death by signalling with their sound and the snakes would easily have them as the instant prey without wasting time.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This is a question that has always baffled scholars and thinkers whether there is a superpower or not. There are so many things happening around us on the mother earth or in this universe which we cannot explain in any way. The whole thing seems to be under a big control and great discipline as if it is moving under the direction of some devine power. The ancient people understood this thing perfectly and then in their own ways conceptualized the existence of God or a superpower which is managing this universe.
    Most of us follow this doctrine because this is the only way we can explain or understand these things happening under control of some unknown power.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Beautiful thought is given by the author. There is a superpower in us, people find many real examples of this in their life and it can never be denied that human beings also give up in front of the power of that superpower. When we do any work keeping our faith in that power, then our trust increases with that power in ourselves and in our efforts, which often results in positive results. It is believed that we are connected with the energy of that super power and it helps us to guide in every situation of life, which is true.

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    Definitely yes, there is a superpower, otherwise, you could control everything. This is also clear from a small example of the Author. Sometimes science interprets it with different environmental practical perspectives but sometimes it presents a definite signal. Nature has to move at its own pace, you can't tell her to act like you do or cause things to happen. But whose words does nature follow? I would say that nature follows the words of its creator. Now, who is the creator of nature, this answer, and of course a superpower? So you have to trust the superpower. No one can dare to disbelieve his existence.
    Believe in the existence of God the superpower.

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    Definitely, the existence of a superpower which is having control over all the happenings on this earth. There are many examples that we can bring in support of this statement. Many of us look for logic in all the incidents and there is no logic to explain we say they are superstitions or beliefs.
    There are many things of this nature which we will never understand. In the name of development and science, human beings are spoiling nature and sometimes the fury of nature we are tasting. In such conditions, there is no alternative than believing that there is a force that is not visible to us. That is known as God for me. Somebody else may call it a superpower.
    Under any circumstances, a human being can never dictate nature but nature only will have its final say. So let us be respectful towards nature and never indulge in spoiling the same. Then superpower will definitely be in our favour only.

    always confident

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