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    Only just warning and why not action- 26/11 Mumbai blast

    The 13th anniversary of gruesome Mumbai terror attack emanated from Pakistan has killed so many foreigners and innocent Indians and though the International pressure on Pakistan was to handover the master minds to India and the enemy country is dodging all through these 13 years and India just warns them on every anniversary and no action initiated. Just imagine those near and dear who lost their people for no fault of them and why the justice is not delivered and even the International court of Justice is sitting pretty on the matter. High time we do something as we have reasons to punish them.
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    India is a peace-loving country and never initiate any actions on anybody without any provocation from the other side. Having this known by all other countries, they are supporting India and asking Pakistan to hand over the culprits to India. If India initiates action, then the whole world may divide into two sides. Some will support Pakistan and the other countries will support us. Probably the then Indian government did not want that and they have not taken any action. The present government is also following the same course and they are not going for any action. Instead of initiating action, the Indian government should tactically pressurise the country through other countries and see that they will hand over the culprits to us so that we can take action against them.
    India should be ready to face any type of situation if it initiates action against Pakistan. But already we are in a difficult situation with COVID 19 and unemployment. If war comes the situation will become much worst.

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    I am wondering why this could not be the hot topic for discussion.

    I still remember the cheap politics and how few Congress leaders tried to put the blame on RSS on every platform and even on launching book targeting RSS and Hindutva for this but just one incidence failed them all,

    "When Kasab caught alive by Tukaram Omble"

    I have the deepest hatred for all those who conspired this and those who wrongly put the blame on someone who were not responsible.

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    After the initial verbose and postures, everyone especially the politicians and media will move onto some more sensational and attention grabbing matter. Both will be interested in their existence, survival and benefits.

    In every mishap ultimately it is the victim(s) and their close family who have to suffer some for short time, some for a couple of months or years and some may have to suffer for their full life. The process and procedures of compensation and assistance are long and winding and the victims are lucky if they get such help and assistance in time or at least in part satisfaction. But if they are not part of a vote bank or if they do not have sufficient political or mob backing then things are very difficult. But there are many good, noble, philanthropists souls among the people who give some succour to those suffering in various ways they can.

    While punishments' and justice cannot help victims suffering, speedy and exemplary procedures and punishments of the criminals can give confidence to the people as a whole and serve as deterrent for further perpetrations of such heinous acts.

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    That was a very bad incident of terrorism having roots in Pakistan and whatever reactions were done by the then existing regime at that time are not thought as enough by most of the people in our country. But at the same time attacking Pakistan or starting war with them at that time was also thought as an extreme measure especially when India had a reputation of being a peaceful country. There were some deficiencies in handling the case and even the culprits, a few of them, were punished after a very long time and though there were some clear cut evidences regarding the conspiracies but it depends on the calibre of the investigating agencies and willingness of the ruling regime which ultimately decides these cases. Now we can only talk about that as nothing can be done by going back in the time. Even the present regime will have to think twice before investigating other matters related to this case which were not investigated at that time thoroughly due to whatever reasons existing at that time.
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