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    Thoughts should not be like black box which is predictable but not understandable

    When we keep thinking about something or the other, the mind works for various ideas and solutions. In that process even thoughts would emanate in our mind and sometimes those are resemble as a black box for us, which is predictable but not understandable. Suppose a plane gets crashed the main thing to be retrieved is the black box through which the cause of the accident or the crash would be known and it has to be decoded. Likewise we get into wild thinking sometimes which are predictable to us but not understandable to others and thus the thoughts would remain a dream and at non take off mode.
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    That is true. We will have many thoughts but all are not executable and there will be some areas where we can't give a proper direction to the work to take place.
    After an accident happens the investigation team will investigate based on the remanents there and by talking to the people who witnessed the accident. Then the team will make some assumptions and will come out with the most probable reasons. But nobody can pinpoint what exactly caused the accident. In the same way, our thoughts will also be having some assumptions and they may not be practicable.
    There are no bounds for thinking and you can think out of the box also and that will give the number of solutions to the problem and then we have to analyse the individual thoughts and see which are good and can be implemeted.

    always confident

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