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    AP govt interference of deciding cinema ticket pricing- single ticket price across the state

    In a far reaching decision the AP govt has made the interference of deciding cinema ticket pricing across the state which was either too unregulated and in the name of benefit shows, the exhibitors would be having seven shows in a single theater and the ticket rates were rupees 500 to 1000 and the facility given to the cinema-goer was nil. Having seen this irregularity the govt has now brought- single ticket price across the state, be it a low budget film within 3 crore or the high budget film of 400 crore, the ticket would be sold through online at one price and there cannot be benefit shows in future. Do you agree with this kind ofinterferencee from the state. Will the movie makers approach the court ?
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    Govt takes an entertainment tax on the cinema tickets but I am not sure whether it can fix the value of the tickets. The facilities and ambience of cinema halls differ from one another and accordingly the theatre owners will fix their ticket prices.

    The cinema hall owners will also be fixing the ticket price sometimes as per their whims and fancies and probably to control on that the state government might be thinking in this direction for streamlining and regularising the ticket prices across the state.

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    For a consumer, the decision taken by the government is acceptable. But what I feel is the same is happening in many areas and the government itself is increasing taxes on many commodities. The rates of petroleum products are high in this state. Why government is not coming out and reducing the taxes. Petroleum products are essential for a common man and going to the movies is not essential these days. People who can afford the prices only will go. Only rich people who are having money in their pockets will go for the benefit shows. Why the government is worried. The alcohol rates are increased very high and poor people who are addicted to these drinks are struggling and their families are not able to have their food also. Why the government is not thinking about this point. Probably the producers association might not have approached the Chief Minister of the State in a proper way. If they do that, the response from the minister will be definitely different. Let the government increase tax on cinema tickets and reduce the tax on petroleum products. That will be welcomed by all.
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    And the pricing for all class of theater is same which is confusing.
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