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    It is not the age but experiences which makes a person more mature

    I have seen many times a person a lot younger with more responsibilities is way mature than an elder person with fewer responsibilities. And when you have a conversation with a person of the same age group with two different kinds of experiences and background you will always feel one more mature than the other. Their outlook towards life, their belief systems, their future aspirations and happiness everything varies.
    Maturity is not something which you can expect a person to have with age but through the experiences, what is your opinion and experiences regarding this topic?
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    That is very true. Maturity is something different from ageing. We see many people who are aged but never get mature enough. Such people will appear childish. They get angry easily and they become normal easily. It is very difficult to make such people understand things easily.
    Some people will have very high levels of maturity at a very young age itself. The people who suffer a lot at an early age and worked against odds to come out of the woods will understand things well and they can live happily even in adverse conditions because of their maturity levels.
    My father lost his father at the age of 15 years and he suffered a lot to take care of his mother and two brothers. Those hardships made him experience beyond his age and his maturity levels are very high and he knows how to manage finances with limited resources.

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    Yes, experiences make a person more mature. Apparently, we may think that experience comes with age but it all depends on how one can handle various situations. A person may be aged but if she/he hasn't handled different situations it will not be possible for the person to guide others who are facing such situations. Only those who have gone through such situations know how to handle it and that's what we call experience. Doing the same tasks in the same way regularly and doing it in various ways is quite different. The person who knows how to do the same task in different ways is more experienced than the person who is doing it in the same way day in and day out.

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    I do not agree with the author that age does not matter but the experience speaks volume of the person knowledge and know-how. In one case a young boy who excelled in his job and even posed challenge to the seniors and scientists at the works, has gathered a little three years experience so far and when he tried to switch other job for better salary, the selection was not made as the age for the new job was not right to accept the managerial position because one has to lead and the shortfall of age becomes the hindrance. So what I mean to say that age and experience goes hand in hand one draws the wisdom of getting good experience through the consistency of performance and achievements and that alone decide the person inferior or matured. And the age also gets you the respect that is associated with experience.
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    A person gets matured in one's life through aging as well as through getting experiences of all kinds. Both the factors are important. It is also true that some people get more experienced in small age while some remain just like that, dull and lethargic, and remain inexperienced even at the fag end of their lives. Of course in such cases, we can very well witness their immaturity even at that later stage in their lives.
    So this thing will vary from individual to individual depending on how quickly a person gets more and more experiences in his life and then takes lessons and learns from all of them and starts taking better and better decisions which is definitely a sign of maturity. Even the behaviour pattern of a person changes with maturity and we can find out from one's behaviour as how much mature one is.

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    Maturity would depend upon many factors such as environment, his parental conception and understanding the responsible jobs from the early ages. Though he is still in the tender age but you would be surprised to see his ways of handling different persons effectively. Though with the advancement of age, maturity develops because of accumulation of experience in the different fields and one can behave in a much matured way since he would apply his wisdom with his own stored experience.
    However, maturity can also be attained at relatively a lower age if one has faced odd circumstances in one's life. Dealing with such adverse situations make one wise and matured.

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