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    Local retailers are increasing the prices of daily necessities without any restraint

    Prices of vegetables usually fall during the winter season, which starts from the end of November with the increase in supply in the market. But despite the supply in the market this year, the price is going up. Especially in Bengal Fields, the average price of vegetables is 40 to 60 rupees per kg and even in some cases up to Rs.80.00 a kg. But it is being sold at 10 to 20 rupees towards the village side. Retailers are calling for transport costs. That can't be so much. So of course they are keeping more margins. And the administration is just sitting quietly making laws in this regard. The administration should take immediate action in this regard. What do you think?
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    This is not a new thing. There is a saying in Tamil, 'Erintha veettil pidungiyathu laabam' which means people used to take away the things from the house or building affected by fire as nobody notices that. Similarly, the retailers availing this as a chance to drain money from people as our people cannot go beyond them for buying the commodities and they are treating the items are so indispensable. Once if we refuse to buy by seeing the cost is inflated, they automatically come down, but our people will not do so, they will buy without minding the price.

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    I am totally agreeing with the author that the local retailers who have been forming as syndicate are having the weekly santha or bazaar at the designated place and they give the mamool to the local authorities and thus no one has the check on their prices and even the measurements. Almost all the vegetables are sold at 80 per kg and Tomoto is sold at 140 per kg. When asked, they simply say do not buy and get lost. And the push cart vendors coming to the home are only selling the leafy vegetables or the fruits which are again costly. When asked they are quoting high petrol price which is the cause and for vegetables the whole South has been battered with rains hence no crop left. May be the valid reason, but steps the govt is taking to contain the price as our salary is same and not growing even for one rupees.
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    Many people from various places in our country are complaining and reporting that the prices of vegetables and some other provision items are increasing very sharply which is very unusual seeing the present time of the year. One reason can be attributable to the increase of petrol and diesel prices which affected the transport of these items and finally consumer had to pay from his pocket. Other reason could be the leniency of the administration which is not able to control the prices and is not able to monitor the movement of these items from villages to the urban areas. Then there are also the middlemen who take advantage of the situation and make money by buying items at low prices but selling them at higher prices by creating a wrong rumour in the market that prices are going to rise. Govt has to take some stern action against these people who are manipulating the retail markets to make fast bucks.
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    Even in AP and Telangana, the vegetable rates are skyrocketing. Normally vegetables which were costing Rs.40/- to Rs.50/- per Kg are now touching Rs.100/- per kg. This month is Karthik. Many non-vegetarians will not consume non-vegetarian and they all go for only vegetarian food. So the demand for vegetables will be high during this month. This is what we are experiencing every year.
    Even in villages also in these states where vegetables are sold directly by the farmers the rates are high. It was told to me by my father yesterday night when I was talking to him. As mentioned by the author, already the problem of middlemen is there in many places where the farmers directly can't sell their products. In such places, the rates are very high and we are not able to manage the budgets easily.
    Many people are managing their food without vegetables.

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    So long as middle men are there, the prices of vegetables and and other essential commodities are not likely to come down. They have been strong with the progress of time since no resistance is forthcoming from the governmental side.If you are interested to know the real situation with respect to prices of vegetables such as Tomatoes and Brinjals in the different villages of Jharkhand, these vegetables are being sold Rs 20/- and Rs 25 /- respectively but once there is the involvement of the middleman in the process of finalisation of the prices, it goes up to an unmanageable level. Ultimate result is that there are many people in the towns who are managing their foods without the green vegetables.

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