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    It is okay to hurt yourself sometimes but only to an extent.

    It is a normal thing to hurt or give trobles to yourself in life and this problem comes in different forms, emotional, physical effort, hard work, struggle. It is normal for all this to happen in life and it should also happen because many times we find ourselves stronger after struggles. It is also said that we should learn to take up a little challenge from childhood. But sometimes some people always keep hurting or bother to themselves, and after some time their stubbornness becomes here. I have seen a person who has some physical discomfort but still pushes himself to work harder, it can be harmful to him, while he can give himself other facilities too. Some people also believe that the more they will tolerate or suffer, the more it will be beneficial for their health and life, but it is not necessary that it should always happen, so it is not right to give yourself more trouble all the time.
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    Taking a burden more than what you can manage is always harmful. We all should know our strengths and weaknesses and accordingly, only we should conduct ourselves. Even financially also we should know what are our limits.
    If we are able to carry a weight of 40 Kg comfortably, we may try 45 Kgs that too once in a while only not regularly. But we should never attempt 60 Kgs which is 1.5 times what you can manage. That will definitely trouble you a lot and you may get physically hurt also sometimes.
    This burden need not be physical and then can be even mental stress also. We will be always thinking about something or the other and we will be getting stressed with multiple things in the mind and that stress may lead to anxiety disorder.
    As long as we take care of our body properly it will help us and we will not have any discomforts. But the moment you start abusing the same by loading more and more works, you may have to pay the penalty.

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    Taking up a challenge and hurting yourself is different. Taking something as a challenge is beneficial in many ways and helps one to concentrate on a particular issue but we should be aware of our limits. At times, we may cross the limits which can hurt our body and mind but we need to be very careful so that crossing the limit doesn't harm us in any way. I am not aware of how more suffering can be beneficial to one's health and life but there are a few things that help to increase the capability. Think of physical exercises. In the beginning, one may feel stressed but by doing it regularly she/he will be habituated to it and can stretch easily. In that case, it is beneficial to our health but are you going to classify it as hurting oneself? I don't think so. If something is hurting or painful it will give you pain all the time but if it is beneficial then there may be some pain initially which will not be there later on and you will feel comfortable.

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    When it comes to learning in life it is always associated with physical and mental hurt. When we are child, we want to learn the cycling, and that is always associated with getting injuries so easily. but the urge to ride would over ride the hurt and we bend to learn. Same way the success in life has to go through the bitter lesson from the schooling to the works place and we have to give space for hurting by others and self hurting. When we fast for one day we understand the pain of hunger, that way we should hurt ourselves so that who perform with great agility should not be doubted by us. The other day I was watching a video where in a child wants to get down from the bed without any help and keeps on hurling bedsheets and pillows on the ground to make safe landing and here the child understood the less hurting technique.
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